The European Union expresses a hope that citizens detained by Moscow police will be set free. This statement was made at the appropriate level –  by the spokesperson Mogherini. Everything seems to be ok.

Well, what response from the Russian authorities do the European Union anticipate in view of such a powerful demarche? May this response be deemed sufficient to mass violence from the Russian authorities against their citizens? To destructive fines? To arrests? To criminal proceedings? To refusals to register candidates for elections?

Let’s predict:  the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their usual rude manner will declare that “interference” in their internal affairs is unacceptable. In fact, all the gatherings and protests are instigated from the West.

Meanwhile, Germany continues building the Nord Stream-2 – pumping gas from a degrading dictatorship. The Russian elite will live in Europe under the protection of the European law and enjoying European freedoms. Peskov’s family resides in France, Solovyov’s stays in Italy, Brilev’s – in Britain, where Zolotov’s grandson lives as well. Metelskiys, Sergunins, Shuvalovs  will live in Austria with conveniences. Medvedev’s vineyards will keep bearing fruits. Blatant harasser of journalists Slutsky feels himself quite comfortable in PACE.

European leaders still invite Putin, wring his hand, and interview him in various formats.

Oh yeah, human rights, the rights of family members of the dictator’s minions should be protected! But first and foremost, gas from Russia and the money of Russian kleptocrats are always welcomed in the European states. They allow Europeans to feel comfortable.

Let the Russian authorities massacre, imprison and enfold people into pounds for animals. Nothing matters more than another pipeline which will be laid to Europe. The problems of another side, annihilation of the values of  freedom and democracy are of no importance. For this case, Mogherini’s press service prepared deep concerns.

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