February 2, 2023

Following numerous attempts to politicize situation with Eurovision in Ukraine Russia refused from participation in the contest motivating its decision by Ukraine’s prohibition to Russian participant to enter the country.

From the very beginning independent political experts have clearly realized that Russia had no intent to participate in Eurovision hosted this year by Ukraine. This disturbed severely the host country as it became clear that provocations would be a matter of time.

Indeed, how Russian TV broadcast should cover the international song contest in Ukraine? You must admit that reports of Kremlin’s propagandists form peaceful Kyiv welcoming tourists all around the world seem quite strange. Apparently, the picture shots to be broadcasting by Russian media would not conform to the conventional presentation of the situation in Ukraine by Russian TV over the last years. That is why last week Channel One, Russian TV broadcaster, officially announced its refuse to broadcast Eurovision this year.

As a matter of fact it is evident to anyone that Russia was not about to participate in the contest hosting by the state against which it wages undeclared war, particularly informational. For this purpose Kremlin organized another provocation proposing knowingly ineligible nominee, Yulia Samoilova, to participate in the contest. The girl is wheelchair-bounded from the early years and that is the fact which was called to divert attention from her previous statements in support of Crimea annexation and furthermore giving there concerts after illegal arrival at the territory of the occupied peninsula. That is why Ukrainian law enforcement authorities forbade Russian participant’s arrival at the territory of Ukraine.

That was well-judged consideration. Ukrainian authorities refused Russian participant in entering the country for violation of international and Ukrainian law. Russia deliberately draws attention to impairment of human rights of disabled people by Ukraine and overblew a scandal into the plane of violation of human rights.

It should be mentioned that Ukraine does not forbid Russian participant taking part in the contest, proposing to arrange video broadcasting through teleconference bridge. Only after Russia declined such proposal they were requested to change the participant.

Thus, Russia has not only predicted the conflict situation in advance and predetermined refusal from participation in the contest but also put their best efforts to compromise Ukraine both in the face of international community and particularly Russians.

Interesting is the fact that such lucky publicity stunt was proposed by Konstantin Ernst – chief of the odious Channel One (by the way, he is in the list of Russians subjected to European sanctions). Moreover, this idea arose for a reason, following a scandal on the Russian TV associated with one of the participants of the popular project “The Moment of Glory” of the very same Channel One. The conflict developed following the fascinating in its mastership performance of Eugeniy Smirnov, disabled dancer who lost his leg in car accident. Jurymen of the Russian competition have not appraised dancer’s mastership and courage, moreover, they cut to pieces his performance. One of the jurymen of the competition, well-known journalist Vladimir Pozner, was deadly serious saying that Smirnov taking part in the competition on equal terms with healthy men has used a forbidden trick. Famous Russian actress Renata Litvinova who was also the member of jurymen, ranted out a speech that Smirnov’s performance seemed unaesthetic and stated that it would be possibly more esthetical if the dancer fastened bioartificial leg. Following such harsh criticism the young man refused from further participation in the contest, while Russian public slated the conduct of jurymen. Pained reaction of the Russian public on dead-hearted treatment of disabled people hit the Chief of Channel One and one of the main Kremlin propagandists Konstantin Ernst upon an idea to use such technology to compromise Ukraine as Eurovision 2017 hosting state which supposedly derogates disabled people from the rights. Choosing Yulia Samoilova fit as a fiddle for this purpose.

Thus, Russia developed public opinion manipulative technology on disabled people and perfectly used it in political provocations against Ukraine.

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