Film making , Music and any type of Art can be therapeutic for many as it does in for this University of Puerto Rico Student  and upcoming actress who is working for not 1 but 2 bachelor’s degree at the same time.
Veronica Perez was Diagnose with Type 1 diabetes at the early age of just 10 years old, now (22) she takes care of her illness in an unique way that according to her bring her hope, peace and feels free of any illness.

She plays the Ukulele and write songs as well as she used her music to try to heal others and free their stress by singing to them, or Doing comedy which is her strongest from of Art along with acting where she has performed in short films and theater plays.

She is currently working as an Assistant Director for a Local Film making Company where she is also an Actress working on her first Feature Film and lead Role.

Just this past week she battled with her life as she was rush to her local emergency room with abdominal pain and was diagnosed with Appendicitis and was admitted for emergency surgery.
The intervention was successful and she is now back home,
IN PAIN, but still doing her music to help others heal.

Despite her diabetes, VeroFirez (Artistic Name) as she likes to be called has more energy than any of us, even on her way to surgery and in tremendous pain she could not stop making jokes to the nursing staff.

Her film which is now on hold Due to Covid is being produced in Puerto Rico by Media Industry Professionals is called
UNITED BY INSULIN, (UNIDAS POR LA INSULINA) A comedy where her best friend who is also a Type 1 patient struggles in each other companies by their mean and competitive bosses but they use their illness and energy to overcome all that and also open their company.

Veronica’s energy has inspire many with Type 1 Diabetes and other Illness and loves to continue to do so with her music and also her acting and comedian nature.

I have meet Veronica in Puerto Rico at a  Film Production Script readout and I must say, This young lady has more energy and passion for life than any of us.
She is an upcoming actress  with lots of talent on her...
Vero is already in the U.S Actors & Directors Portal, IMDB
Please copy  her Link:
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  • Howdy
    It is nice to hear about people like you with so much talent
    I read your actress profile on IMDB, welcome to our world
    God Bless you always

    Margie Phillips
    Production Manager – Media Entertainment