From Biden to Oprah in two weeks: Is the establishment confused?

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So, the next person chosen by the mainstream media, so called progressives, and the Democratic party to be our next president is Oprah Winfrey. That’s rather interesting considering that she will be the third person they have chosen and presented to the sheep, or as you call them, party faithfuls, since the advent of the Trump administration. It’s also interesting because it truncates the time in the sun of a big Democrat who happens to be the immediate past vice president.

The first person they chose was a freshman Senator from California named Kamala Harris. I don’t know for sure why they moved on from Ms Harris, but I have an idea it has something to do with the fact that the true liberal wing of the party, or as you might know them, Russian trolls, rejected her outrightly with scathing social media posts, and general outrage.

I guess these “Russian trolls” weren’t impressed that another corporate stooge was about to be foisted on them like was done in the last election which yielded Donald Trump as president. As a result, they weren’t going to stand for that this time, and they made their displeasure known as loudly as possible, and Kamala Harris for president expired as quickly as it came into existence.

The next person chosen was the aforementioned ex vice president under the Obama administration, Joe Biden. After the Kamala Harris suggestion didn’t fare as well as the shepherds expected, it took them a while to muster the confidence to suggest somebody else, months actually. Of course, there were rumors about all sorts of people, from both serving, and ex, Congressmen and governors, but such rumors were obscure and halfhearted at best. None really caught on until, finally, just a few weeks ago, Mr Biden’s name was put forward.

It has only been two weeks, or so, since Biden’s name was put forward, but apparently it has already been abandoned for this latest candidate, which is surprising given Biden’s pedigree and name recognition. Of course, the fact that the party’s “Russian trolls” were very loud and unanimous in condemning the appointment of another corporate agent played no small part in him being abandoned, but it’s still surprising given who Joe Biden is. If this was a tweet, he wasn’t even allowed to trend before being taken down. Quite shocking.

Now, to the latest attempt by the shepherds to provide a rallying point for their sheep which is Oprah Winfrey. It seemingly came out of the blue following a largely hypocritical speech she gave at the Golden Globes awards show last night, where she made a big show of condemning sexual harassment. (She called Harvey Weinstein to commiserate with him after his downfall stemming from his sexual harassment of multiple women.) Knowing how the shepherds work, though, you cannot discount the possibility that this was all a well planned and carefully orchestrated unveiling.

Of course, Ms Winfrey fits the bill of a potential shepherd approved president. She’s very well entrenched in the corporate world, and that is the main qualification you need in the eyes of the shepherds. Either you’re an ambitious young Senator who is anxious to climb the ladder and establish yourself in that world, as was the case with ex president Barrack Obama, and Kamala Harris, their very first choice in the search for Trump’s replacement, or you’re someone like Oprah who is already well versed in that world.

That is why a man like Senator Bernie Sanders, whom every poll that has been taken points to as the most popular and most loved American politician is being very willfully ignored by the shepherds, while they keep beating about the bush in an ostensible search for a candidate. Even a very recent poll by NBC, one of the major players in the mainstream media, has Senator Sanders in the lead by far against all the people that have been muted as candidates by the shepherds.

But Senator Sanders does not meet their one criteria that counts, apparently. Senator Sanders does not represent the corporate godfathers of our country whose job it is to select who our president will be, so, even though the people are clamoring for him, it is in the best interest of the shepherds to pretend they don’t see that, and ignore him.

Like the ostrich which buries its head in the sand in an attempt to escape reality, the shepherds are ignoring the reality of poll after poll which keep saying that Bernie Sanders is the man who will beat Donald Trump in 2020. It’s looking like 2016 all over again when they insisted on going with their chosen corporate agent despite all the polls being clear that she would lose to Trump while indicating that Bernie Sanders would beat Trump in a landslide.

Of course, they lost and blamed from “Russian trolls” to Jill Stein, and everything in between. The truth is that we all lost from that debacle which is why we’re saying that the shepherds in charge of the Democratic party should listen to us liberals (Russian trolls) right now when we’re telling them what will go wrong before it goes wrong, instead of resorting to blaming us when it’s too late. The people have been unequivocal about who they want their president to be, and are not willing to back down on it.

Once again, the people are making it clear that it’s either the person whom the majority has constantly chosen, Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump continues as president. The last presidential election must have made it clear that there aren’t enough blindfolded sheep left in the country to elect another corporate stooge. What that means is that despite what the shepherds obviously think, all the coordinated attacks on Mr Trump, some of which have verged on sabotage on many occasions, will not deceive the people into voting for another corporate agent.

I expect more names to be mooted as the shepherds search for who will be the most acceptable stooge to the sheep, but they might as well save themselves the trouble because the polls keep constantly affirming that the people’s minds have been made up. We know that Trump is definitely not what we want, but he has the potential to help us achieve what we want, and that is infinitely better than continuing with the status quo of electing one corporate stooge after another. He is also proof that we can do something different from what the shepherds want. That is progress, and a good start.


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