March 21, 2019
On May 16, after a large protest taking place in the city center in Fars Province of southern Iran, police opened fire on the defenseless people. These protesters have been gathering to tell the local administration to stop the district separation plan. At least 5 protesters have been killed and a large number of others are wounded, including numerous women. The main slogan chanted by the people of Kazeroon, in Fars Province, “Iran supports Gaza but betrays Kazeroon” and “Our enemy is right here. They’re wrong to say it’s America”. “Let go of Syria, think about us. Eyewitnesses and social media activists from inside of Iran said Riot Forces shot live and plastic bullets as well as tear gas. Young men and women were shot and wounded. The people of Kazeroon defended themselves with stone and wood and set the police station on fire. The clashes spread to a large part of the city and continued until midnight. At 1:00 AM a column of repressive forces from Shiraz entered Kazeroon. Background Peaceful protests have been taking place on January 2nd in Kazeroon against a decision by the local administration to separate some districts of the city and merge them into a new town. Following previous protests, the authorities had pledged that the division of the districts would be reviewed. This was announced despite the people earlier demand to completely remove the plan. UN Deputy Spokesman, Farhan Haq, has commented that “we want to make sure that the rights of a team to assemble and to protest peacefully are respected by all, including the security forces”. Iranian have created #kazerun on Twitter to contribute to further events.
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