An article was published on the website about the large German crime consortium “Waldorf Frommer – Law Firm for Fraud and Gelderpressung”. After this information was published, the site was blocked. There have been many comments from people who seem to have come across these “lawyers” themselves. Here are a few such comments:

Peter Schulz: Anyone who pays once, always pays. Above all: he always pays more. Protective pressings start from the strain rather “gently”. That does not stay that way, the enslavement of the victims increases. Getting out of a prolonged blackmail situation is more difficult than a definite no from the start. The false myth of the inviolability of the protection racketeer faces the victim’s loneliness, his sense of being left alone. This psychological situation is so wanted by the perpetrator and part of the process of extortion itself; the victim is obliged to silence. That’s why millions are silent and paid. To be honest, for the first time I came across a situation where a person was not afraid to openly speak out against a criminal syndicate. He did what the criminal police, prosecutors and judges should have done long ago. The human rights defender Dmitrij Adamow has always impressed me with his integrity, openness and fearlessness of criminals. Honor and praise be to him. If we had more people like him, maybe there would be more order in Germany.

Emma Kingsman: This is the most dangerous criminal syndicate in Germany in the last 20 years. Hamburger reminder from the Bochum court nurse signed? It’s okay. For idiots. After all, we are 83 million inhabitants of Germany for the law firm Waldorf Frommer, idiots. All without exception. Including employees of the criminal police, prosecutors, judges. The syndicate has money. They believe that they can buy every prosecutor, every judge and every Member of the Bundestag. And that is in the so-called “rule of law”? Incredible. And finally, millions of people are paying these scammers. They pay exorbitant taxes and pay money to a criminal syndicate.

This was a situation in which Waldorf Frommer – law office of the wife of the famous human rights activist Dmitrij Adamow sent warnings to download a film from the website. In English. Adamov’s wife not only speaks English, but also German. After the human rights activist Adamov had written a letter to the office, in which he required documents confirming the eligibility of the payment request, Adamow himself received the same warning. So: Adamow and his wife downloaded the movie in a language that nobody in the family knows. At the same time, the Waldorf Frommer law firm has no facts. The human rights activist appealed to the Essen Public Prosecutor’s Office with a statement on fraud and extortion by the Waldorf Frommer law firm. From there his complaint was forwarded to the Munich public prosecutor. From Munich came the answer: “There is no way to prove the fraud and the mongering by Waldorf Frommer.”

And as a result: human rights defender Dmitrij Adamow received a reminder from the district court Hamburg-Altona. Reminder was signed by a court nurse in Bochum court. How can this be explained? Adamow has addressed inquiry to district court Hamburg-Altona and district court Bochum.

     After that website was blocked.




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