Recent trends aimed at using the information space as a tool to achieve political goals cross all reasonable boundaries. Recently, the world is increasingly faced with hackers, DDoS attacks, election interference and other malicious activity in cyberspace.
Many cyber incidents are currently becoming political and provocative.
For a long time there are methods aimed at “TTPs imitation” of various national hacker groups.
False flag operations.
Sometimes, it’s enough to add a few national characters or part of a phrase to the malicious code in order to substitute a particular State. There are many examples. Similarly, the United States blames Iran, China – North Korea, Britain and Germany – Russia (New Russia deterrence strategy)
For most attacks, hackers do not require high qualifications or significant costs. In general, any person with certain knowledge and skills can carry out a cyberattack.
In specialized communities on and hacker forums, users openly share information that malware can be found in the public domain. To activate it, you need to perform only a few steps. It turns out that any confident computer user can “assemble a self-made hacker bomb” without a huge budget and support from the State.
Then, the propaganda machine, the media and experts will do their job. A man on the street will be sure that the attack is not commited by a self-taught hacker who decided to make himself famous. It is just an enemy State defends its national interests.

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