February 16, 2019
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Myeshia Johnson with her late husband’s casket.

“He knew what he signed up for.” With that one sentence which he is alleged to have delivered during a phone call to the widow of a fallen soldier, the United States President Donald Trump is once again in the news as a subject of ridicule and infamy. The mainstream media led by CNN, of course, is throwing all sorts of missiles at the president, even though the president has denied it, and there’s absolutely no evidence that he made it.

Mr. Trump is alleged to have made the assertion by a Democrat congresswoman who was present during the call to the widow of the slain U.S service man who died in action in Niger, but the president has since come out to deny saying so in a tweet, claiming that he has proof that he didn’t say so. He has yet to release any such proof, however, and we can’t wait for him to release it.

Assuming the president actually made the statement, and we don’t know that, at this point, he would have spoken the hard truth that needs to be said more often in this age of lying and hiding the truth under the guise of political correctness. I know it is very hurtful to the widow having to be told that at this point in time when she’s still trying to come to terms with her husband’s death, but I believe that it’s always best to speak the truth no matter how bitter it might be. I also believe that widow recognizes the truth in the statement.

Still assuming he did make the statement, we are now discussing this soldier’s death because of it, and more young people who might be thinking about joining up to fight the never ending wars for “freedom” might begin to think twice about that. This statement, whether actually made, or not, has brought the death of this young man to the notice of more Americans than it ordinarily would, and more of our young people might realize that people could, and do, actually die and lose everything by joining the army.

The common practice is to sneak the dead soldiers home at obscure times in obscure corners of military airports, and only the immediate families of these young people get to see and feel, first hand, the tragedy that can result from these many wars we fight indefinitely. What Mr Trump has done once more, even if inadvertently, is shine a light on another deceit by our government and its propaganda arm.

Maybe that’s the reason he is under this much attack by the propaganda machine, even though he has denied making the statement, and it’s his word against the word of the Democratic party congresswoman, Representative Frederica Wilson, who made the accusation.  They probably saw this as another opportunity to continue their war of sabotage on the president without considering that keeping this issue in the limelight could have these other effects.

Now, the story of the dead young soldier is being told, along with that of the family he left behind, a pregnant young wife with two young children. Americans are being exposed to the sad reality of our wars for “freedom”, the part that is always very conveniently hidden away from the public. The part that the wars are real, and have real consequences on real people. That it is not a video game, or a war movie, but real life where people die and lives are ruined.

The fact that our casualties are secretly brought home denies Americans the realness and reality of war. That, in my opinion, is one of the main reasons Americans are so amenable to the idea of war. I hope more politicians will cast aside political correctness which is nothing but a phrase coined to legalize lying to the public, and speak the whole truth on all issues. It is a major part of the reason Americans are wallowing in ignorance.

An ignorant populace is very easy to manipulate, and that is why they do it. If Mr. Trump did really make that statement, I believe we owe him thanks instead of the castigation the owners of our government and their propaganda machine are leading us to send his way. Mr. Trump might be a horrible president, but he is not a typical politician. That’s something  Americans could use to their advantage, if they don’t allow the political establishment to deceive them into helping them to remove him from office.

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