How COVID Changed The App Industry In 2020

How COVID Changed The App Industry In 2020

Ever since the coronavirus has come into our lives, the whole world has changed, as the world has stopped. People who had small businesses have been closed, those who had significant business are losing a lot, schools and colleges have been shut down, people have lost their jobs.

Every person has made some changes in their behavior. Most of us have learned something new by staying at home, like cooking, someone learned dancing, etc. It is said that every change brings a new beginning.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people stayed in their houses, and IT professionals started making their new mobile app development from their houses or inside the four walls.

On April 2, around 30 companies decided to use technology and create a mobile app development environment so that people can know by themselves whether they are infected with the coronavirus or not. IT companies have immensely helped in app development for the health care industry by creating health-related mobile apps.

Due to this pandemic, our demands have been fulfilled. We could never have imagined that we can also complete our demand digitally, such as school and college classes running online, giving online exams, celebrating an online birthday, and other functions by video conferencing, etc.

Boost in mobile app development:

To prevent the infection of Covid-19, people have started living more and more at their homes, and along with it, they have started spending a lot of time on their smartphones. They have started meeting face-to-face in the digital mode without going anywhere, and they have started working and serving through the internet with their smartphones.

During this pandemic, People’s mobile usage time has increased. They used to spend 4 to 5 hours on their phones. Now it has increased from 7 to 8 hours. And the best thing that has happened from this is that people can follow social distancing properly. Mobile apps development has allowed us to do work from home, making our daily life easy.

Lots of apps are developed to fight against this virus. Aarogya Setu App that helps to fight against Covid-19. Aarogya Setu App uses Bluetooth and GPS to excess the location and medical details with self-assessment. It reflects your data with different colors like green for safe and red for the alert. It uses a database and algorithm to show the contact with any Covid infected victim and give details with the reach of different geographical locations like 1km, 5km, and 10km, etc. It can also be used as an e-pass to move freely outside by showing your medical status, reflecting on the screen.

The decline of travel apps:

In this pandemic situation, no one has paid attention to the travel industry. It has led to the decline of travel apps. And now it has become a considerable task for the government to compensate for the travel mobile apps development.

Still, the government’s focus is that the coronavirus can be eradicated as soon as possible. When the virus ends, the government will start promoting travel apps.

The dominance of shopping app:

The online shoppers have started raising questions about how their product will reach home, what is its guarantee Covid-19 does not infect the delivery boy. The entire fashion market has been shaken due to this Pandemic situation.

The people face trouble, and the companies are also suffering from many types of problems due to lockdown. Companies are facing difficulties as most warehouses, retailer shops, and malls are closed in the pandemic.

The decline of FMCG app:

Ever since this coronavirus has come, the worst damage has been to food delivery apps because people have stopped ordering food from outside (restaurant and dhaba).

Due to this pandemic situation, online food delivery apps did not create new customers neither getting interested in old ones.

A great hike in social networking app:

If people are trapped in homes due to lockdown, then it is expected that the ranking of social networking apps will go up.

When the whole world was in quarantine, according to today’s people, the easiest way to connect by Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, telegram, Snapchat, etc.

Increasement in education app:

Schools and colleges were first closed as soon as the coronavirus arrived; this does not mean that the studies have been discontinued. Classes of schools and colleges started running online in which some apps have played the most significant role; those apps are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Due to the coronavirus, these apps used to be significantly less, but now their usage has increased. Also, it has come to the top list in mobile apps.

Most used business apps:

Right from the starting of the lockdown period, many big industries allow their employees to avail remote working from different places to avoid any infectious transmission.

In this lockdown period, many video and audio-conferencing apps work as oxygen to continue work with fewer drawbacks than a complete set back of industries. 

Like zoom, hangout, google meet, etc., come out as lifesavers and serve us in different manners, resulting in making these apps hit top ranks among different apps used in lockdown.

Wrapping up

Everyone worldwide is working on predicting the public’s need and changes to suffer in consumer demands after covid-19. We can only hope that the changes might be temporary, but no one can predict how long the changes will affect.

But with present demands, we can easily use our customer’s reviews and different IT officials’ ideas to create the best app development for healthcare industry, which can come out as a great need during a pandemic. Also, there’s is a significant boost to the app’s development for the health care industries.

Different app-makers are ready to serve and fulfill the great demand of different business owners. It will not render the business again completely by having digital means to operate. So, there is a scope for app developers in the app development industry.





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