January 18, 2020

Source:Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey

Today, news feeds are increasingly displaying stories about military conflicts causing not only a threat to peace and stability, but also hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties. In this regard, our Turkish colleagues from Bloomberg visited the East of Ukraine, where “the hybrid war, that, unfortunately, has been taken off from the international agenda for five years, but not subsiding, primarily due to the military and financial support of Russia. Russian-controlled separatists continue firing every day on the units of the Ukrainian army, in particular those deployed near Donetsk. This situation causes deaths and injuries not only to a significant number of Ukrainian military personnel, but also to civilians.”

This topic (the war in the East of Ukraine) is particularly relevant in connection with the political decisions taken by the Kremlin today (gas wars, the issuance of Russian passports to residents of the occupied Ukrainian territories, the seizure of Ukrainian sailors). Since Ukraine has become the subject of blackmail in relations between Europe and the United States these days, the more Russia worsens the situation in this country, the more preferences it will try to get from world leaders! That is why we want to refer to the article by Bloomberg and offer to the reader an independent opinion on the situation that has developed in Ukraine today and which should not be forgotten and should be considered seriously! Ukraine is too close, and it is now the only buffer between us and the aggressor!


And so, the infrastructure has been destroyed, everyone who, could have left, is gone, the war continues: “However, the picture starts changing as soon as we move of the city away to the East. You may see buildings damaged by rocket attacks of separatists, bullet holes on the walls. The people sitting in front of these buildings, which have already turned into ruins, attract attention. People are mostly elderly. And against this background, which is filled with smoke and heavy air of war, the elderly, sitting by two or tree and quietly discussing something, create an even more depressing situation.”

“The road stretching from residential districts with deep traces of war in the city, leads to the demarcation line, where clashes between the Ukrainian army and separatist groups supported by Russia occur. The barricades and the shells-ravaged road attract attention.”

“The commander of the unit, with his appearance, that is characteristic hair and a beard, reminded a Zaporozhye Cossack from the history books, calmly, despite the sounds of weapons and shells, says: “We are fired on every day. A few minutes ago, just at your arrival, the opposite side has already opened fire on our snipers. The sounds you hear show that the clashes continue and our two military men are injured.”

“Thousands of people have being continuing the struggle for life for 5 years of war in the homes crippled by bullets. The windows of hundreds of houses are battened. Several people, not wanting to leave their homes, still continue to live there.”

“The fields have become mined areas; every day there is a threat of being hit by the separatists. Agricultural work becomes impossible. In the cities upon the beginning of the war, all enterprises were closed, which caused a significant unemployment among the local population. Of course, unemployment and harsh living conditions are not the biggest problem of the population living on the front line. Children and young people have a serious psychological trauma due to the war. People are trying to save their lives on the battlefield.”

“Despite the fact that today the front line is almost unchanged, the number of victims is increasing. The regional centers of Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as some other cities on their outskirts are controlled by the separatists.”

“Is there a threat of this conflict transformation into frozen one? It is known that the Russian Federation has already created frozen conflicts in the zones of its interests. The best example of this is Transnistria in Moldova.”

“It’s time to leave the front line. Approaching the ambulance to pick up the wounded and dead soldiers, the military, who did not want to give his name, said: “Despite the end of the elections and a person who will be elected a new president, we will continue to fight for the freedom of the Ukrainian people. We feel his powerful power behind us and our faith in a country where we will live in peace.”

“In conclusion, it should be noted that by its armed aggression against the Ukrainian Crimea and Donbass, the Russian Federation challenged the entire region. However, Ukraine seeks to resolve this conflict peacefully, and for this it needs the support and solidarity of the international community.”

We thank our Turkish colleagues for an independent and realistic opinion on the situation. And we urge the world community not to remain indifferent, because the aggressor is capable of anything…

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