February 24, 2020

Position in the field of human rights protection in Germany is legitimate concern.Are increasingly becoming aware of the facts of gross violations of human rights. Including the rights of children.Personally, I have caused a shock story told by Mr. Adamow.The very history of the German language can be found here:  http://menschenrechte-2012.jimdo.com/2012/08/10/die-menschenrechte-oder-der-mensch-ohne-rechte/   

There are international treaties on the rights of refugees and stateless persons.In the case of Mr. Adamow violated the rights of refugees and stateless persons. The man lost his family in a series of inter-ethnic conflicts that erupted in the late 80’s in the former Soviet Union.In Germany, he applied for asylum. He was in the shelter refused. When he challenged the refusal in court, the judge advised him to apply for recognition as a stateless person. Now, after all these years, it is clear that such advice was made deliberately to gain time.

In Germany, every application will be considered for at least 3 years.In Germany, home to almost 9 years. That is, has all the right to acquire German citizenship.In the end, Mr. Adamow was not recognized by either a refugee or stateless. Mr. Adams has a family and three children. Is a member of the organization „amnesty international“. All his appeals to human rights organizations in Germany gave no results. But in Germany, more than 50 human rights organizations. So Whose rights are protected? Rights of the Arabs in the Middle East? However, it is necessary? The rights of Russian, Belarusian, Chinese? It is necessary to protect their rights, but who will protect the rights of those who are in Germany?

Human rights groups in Russia, Belarus and China?I think that the matter of a just decision on the Adamov should join the international community, the media, the U.S. State Department and the Cabinet of the Government of Great Britain.German Chancellor Merkel, apparently, has no control over the human rights situation in Germany. Democracy in Germany is in a deplorable condition. Human rights are violated everywhere. It is time to put an end to this lawlessness. Otherwise, we slide into the pit of chaos.

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  • I know about this story. Even three months ago, Mr. Adams began to sound the alarm about an unprecedented violation of his rights. He linked these violations because he is “not a German.” I think that he is something right. The problem is that the officials do not parse between foreigners. But there are foreigners who are more worthy to be citizens of Germany, than some of those who have citizenship by birth.The problem is that Mr. Adams – a man problem. Problematic in the sense that it brings problems to officials. He persistently and fearlessly protects both the rights and the rights of others. Not all like that. Previously, Germany respected the brave and courageous people. Even among foreigners. Now, more quiet and submissive respect. I am afraid that it is said that the spirit of the German rot.

    • I agree. U.S. Department of State must intervene. The United States has always stood and will stand on the side of democracy and human rights!

  • I too was struck by the story of Adamow. This is how one must have tolerance to many years to fight for your rights!? I respect these people and encourage everyone to support Dmitry and his children.

  • Yesterday has found in the Internet article «Russian in Germany have appeared “outlawed”

    Interview to Harry Mureem heading the Cologne branch of the union of protection of human rights in Germany

    – Harry how it has turned out, what you have started to be engaged in activity on protection of human rights, moreover and in Germany?
    – I was born in Moscow, and to Germany have arrived in 1992 year together with parents. In Germany I have finished last classes of a grammar school, and, as well as all those who will emigrate to Germany, thought, that I shall arrive to a lawful state but when has got accustomed has seen a strange situation – a society not very much and legal here. And being already the student, has become interested in this subject matter. It became interesting to me, as the right not theoretical, but practical functions in Germany. With the theory all is clear – in books is written. And here is how it in a life… When I have decided to receive for myself such practice also itself has seen, and have heard from colleagues, that here the most usual business: the boorish attitude, default of laws, ignoring of human rights. After university I have chosen for a magistracy subject matter « the International private law », more and more began to move in a direction of activity on protection of human rights. And I to you shall tell, that such pressure which is rendered with German authorities on us, I did not expect. I thought, that work on protection of human rights in a lawful state is a work. But I did not think, that for the usual person it turns to a life.
    – In Germany subject matter of infringement of human rights – very complex and tabu. Here a position very precise: about it concerning Germany it is possible to speak either well, or in any way – as about the dead man. As to a legal situation in Germany, that, in my opinion, it not simply complex, it awfully complex. Concerning our compatriots if they not in a condition of to protect the situation can be named critical. People perfectly understand, that their rights break, and are afraid to speak about it. That is they can something tell aloud, but it will be followed with reprisals, on people and their relatives will start to press. If the person receives the state help, and for many it is the unique income consequences will be pitiable, it, grants can deprive with its relatives, children, stop to pay an apartment, to stop to pay the medical insurance.
    – Yes, but there are international instances, in Russia many address, for example, in the European court under human rights.
    – Yes, it is possible. If the person will have enough forces, possibilities and desire – then at it it will turn out. But it is necessary to consider, that German laws – one of the most rigid in the Europe. To address in the European court, in Russia it is necessary to pass 2 instances: regional court and city court. In Germany it is necessary to pass all instances: from city court up to Constitutional. And if the person of it will not make, the European court at all will not consider business, the person will be deprived by that of the right to an effective legal protection. And here to complain it is possible very long. Would be where.In fact unlike the Russian mass-media as which very much many in the West consider not democratic, in Germany censorship almost as in China. Everything, as to infringement of human rights in Germany – any local mass-media will not publish. If only this information already before has not passed in the western mass-media, the subject matter remains tabu.In Germany us ask, why we are published abroad, instead of in German editions. I fairly speak, we only pro. If it depend on us, we with pleasure would do it and would not began to address in any international mass-media.Such cases weight, and we, by the way, support creation of the list of German officials, German politicians, German judges, employees of prosecutor’s office and police which in the roughest image broke and break human rights not only the citizens, but also citizens of the Russian Federation who live here, in Germany. Something like « antilist magnitsky ».Former federal chancellor Helmut Schmidt in one of interview has told, that after the World War II rusofobie in Germany still it was possible to understand. But why today rusofobie prospers in Germany?

    Yes, strong interview. The original is to the address of: http://rus.ruvr.ru/2012_08_31/Russkie-v-Germanii-okazalis-vne-zakona/.

    The history about mister Adamow, described above, neatly confirms the given interview. The German authorities break human rights and, first of all, the rights of foreigners. I am assured, that Department of State of the USA is simply obliged to interfere with a situation.

  • In following year there will be elections in the German Bundestag. I do not think, that party Merkel will be among winners. I consider, that president Obama should interfere personally with a situation with human rights to Germany and explain to the German authorities about inadmissibility of similar behaviour.

  • I think, that all world community should tear all attitudes with Germany while authorities of Germany on will start to respect with people, their rights. It is not dependent on a nationality, citizenship, faith or race.

  • I offer readers of interview to the doctor of history, mister Meyer.
    – Mister Meyer, you are a historian, the expert across Germany. Tell, please, as in 1933 to authority in Germany send nazis?
    – Events 1933 cannot be considered separately from 15 previous after revolutionary (November revolution 1918) years.During the First world war a standard of living and salaries of workers have strongly gone down. Besides in 1929 in the USA Great depression has begun. Classical crisis of overproduction has begun. The prices of actions have directed downwards. Crisis in the USA was directly reflected on the German economy as all industrial growth of Germany, among other things, was consequence of intermediate term American credits.It is incorrect to think, that German workers did not wish to struggle with nazism or wanted « a strong hand ». Hitler’s party was financed by the large capital, and leaned on weights of the disappointed philistines. On free elections they never would receive the majority. Nazis and could not achieve essential support among working class: in 1933 on elections in industrial advice they could type only less than 3 %.
    After Hitler’s arrival to authority, thousand conscious workers have been thrown in a concentration camp or have been killed. Terror and bloody orgy has begun. Preparation for new war has begun.
    – Mister Meyer, recently on the Internet in increasing frequency there are articles and disputes around of these articles, that Germany comes back in the nazi past. Whether it is valid so?
    – I do not think, that Germany will make such roll in the domestic policy. If it will occur, there will be also a roll in foreign policy of Germany. And it will not admit the world community. Everyone remember history of the German nazism. Return of nazism nobody will allow!
    – Germany accuse of infringements of human rights. First of all the rights of the Russian-speaking population of Germany. Accuse in rusofobie. How you think, whether it is connected with an outcome of a World War II?
    – You mean articles about infringement of human rights concerning mister Dmitry Adamow?
    – Yes, history of mister Adamow.
    – I am familiar with this history. Mister Adamova had a severe school of a life. As a result of the interethnic conflict it has lost parents. Has lost the house. Has then lost also the Native land. Not looking at all impacts of a life, it has remained to be the person. The strong person, I would tell. In Germany it has found family. It means, that again has found sense of the life. It contains and brings up three children. Thus two its children are citizens of Germany, and the third, the smallest, in general was born in Germany. Besides mister Adamov already almost has lived 9 years in Germany. All this in aggregate, in my opinion, gives it the right to purchase of citizenship of Germany.But a question with citizenship not a unique question which disturbs it. Not clear fuss around of it in agrarian court of Cologne. Judges have broken its rights. And have made it impudently and rigidly. Adamow considers, that they have made it as a result not respect for it, as to the Russian person. In that case Germany should hate and allies of Russia in that war — the Great Britain and the USA. And as residents practically all European countries which have been occupied by Germany. In all countries people struggled with nazis. But most of all Germany has injured from nazis. Millions Germans have disappeared behind walls of gestapo and in concentration camps. Millions German the soldier and officers were lost on fields of war. Millions Germans of long 40 years have been divided among themselves by the Berlin wall.
    – Clearly. So, mister Meyer, the brief resume to our today’s conversation.
    – So, coming to power of nazis in 1933 has been caused by a political situation in the Europe and an economic crisis. Revival of nazism in modern Germany I consider not possible, or not desirable. It again will bring tragedies in houses of people. First of all to Germans. I consider целесобразным in a situation around of compliance with human rights (or infringements of human rights) in modern Germany intervention of a department of state and the congress of the USA, a cabinet of the government of the Great Britain and France. The situation around of mister Adamow and its families should be solved in the near future. Here, the brief resume.

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