September 30, 2020

In 1945, the Second World War ended. Europe began to be rebuilt. Under the leadership of the United States, Britain and France, Western Europe has embarked on the construction of a democratic society whose main priority is man and his rights. It was. Until recently. Germany, which has always been the personification of human rights, has dramatically changed its course of further development. Young officials who come to various authorities do not know anything about human rights, about the equality of people, not only before God, but also before the laws of men. This is most clearly seen in the example of the famous human rights activist Dmitry Adamov, who lives in the small town of Dorsten in Western Germany. For many years, city immigration officials refused to recognize him as a stateless person. In 2016, recognized. They gave him a temporary residence permit. In order to receive an unlimited residence permit, Adamow had to have 5 years of an urgent residence permit. It is necessary for a person to pay pension insurance for at least 5 years. This is true. Adamov has been working and paying all taxes for over 10 years. However, the young immigration official refused to take into account the years that Adamov lived in Germany without a residence permit. An article about was published about this story. After this publication, Adamow received a letter from the administration of the city of Dorsten with threats and a demand to delete the article. The Dorsten administration does not know that only the journalist who published this article can delete the article? In addition, it is clear that the city of Dorsten has repealed the German law that protects freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and freedom of the press. All of these facts jeopardize the foundations of democracy, the foundations of human rights and equality. I understand that Germany is going through hard times. The flow of refugees from the Middle East has added problems to the authorities. But this does not mean that the authorities, including the city ones, can forget about basic human rights and repeal the main German law in their city. Young people, yesterday’s college graduates who have no experience working with people, are appointed senior inspectors of the immigration service. The young generation who grew up  on computer games is easily played by the fate of other people. The German authorities regularly receive information on human rights violations in this very city of Dorsten, and not only there, but do not take any measures. Was 75 years of labor in building a democratic state in Europe in vain?

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