Jakarta Senator Dr. Abdul Azis Today, Friday (2/22/2019) acts as Khotib Friday, at Pasar Kuningan Festival in South Jakarta.

In this sermon this time the Senator who also ran for number 21 again, ordered and invited the congregation to pray on Friday. One time Ayesha saw the Prophet Muhammad Prayer so solemn that her legs were swollen. Seeing this, Ayesha RA spoke to the Prophet “O my husband, you are an infallible man, who if sinned must be forgiven by Allah SWT. Do not worship that way”, he said.

Added at the time, Hearing that the Prophet explained “I worship because I want to be judged as a Servant who is thankful for Aisha”, explained Bang Azis.

Hopefully the story becomes a wisdom, to always be mahabbah or love for Allah, then Allah will love us.

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