In November, 2018 the USA is going to hold elections to the lower chamber of the Congress which can essentially change political map in the country. For this reason in the run-up to election campaign the nuclear program of Democratic People's Republic of Korea becomes not a simple question of strategic safety of the United States, but also a political card which both democrats and republicans will try to play on. In fact the following situation is developing: two Congressmen - Josh Gottheimer and Francis Rooney - have introduced a bill to the lower chamber of the Congress “The North Korea Ballistic Missile Investigations Act”. It is a question of deliveries of rocket engines for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. In their bill the American congressmen refer to the report of an expert from the International institute of strategic researches (IISS), Michael Elleman, on which base on July, 14th The New York Times published a material that rocket engines could be supplied to Pyongyang “from a foreign source, possibly, from Ukraine”. Russian political engineers have actively grasped this topic. In Moscow they assumed, that Pyongyang’s rocket & nuclear program actively developing and worrying Washington could help with attempts of the international isolation of Ukraine. The stake has been made that the information on sale of rocket components to North Korean regime at least will push the USA to refuse to support Kiev and as a maximum to impose sanctions against. Moscow and Kiev hereby would be in equal conditions, to be exact, one to one. However Kremlin has not considered some important details. First, Moscow leaders did not expect the Ukrainian party could so quickly present proofs of its non-implication. And even on the contrary, Ukraine proved Russia’s involvement in successes of the North Korean program. Secondly, Russia obviously did not expect, that the Ukrainian party would suggest the White House to conduct a comprehensive investigation related to “Yuzhmash” and its capacities of engines sale to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It’s necessary to note the Congress committee will consider the given initiative, making a start not from The New York Times’s article, but directly from results of Elleman’s research where it is stated, that engines RD-250 could be received by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea not only at the Ukrainian “Yuzhmash”, but also at Russian enterprise “Energomash”. And after all it is the Russian plant where drawings of these engines have been developed, and these are the ware houses of this object where the specified details are being stored in a considerable quantity. It’s necessary to remind, that already the following day after publication of his material Elleman stated that he did not trust in Ukraine’s guilty and even hinted at Russian’s involvement. Authors of the bill also stated that the North Korea at first could get rocket fuel in China or in Russia. In other words, Congressmen will come to conclusion that the supplier of rocket technologies for the North Korea is the Russian Federation, but not Ukraine. Already now the Russian news agencies are spreading false information that the USA will prove Ukrainian participation in the ill-fated deliveries. Their sites are full with similar headings. But the Russian mass-media have fed the anti-western and anti-Ukrainian propagation not the first year. But what about the Congress’s investigation? One of its initiators, Josh Gottheimer, who has recently occupied a congressman post from New Jersey, worked as the speech writer for Bill Clinton, and after a long pause left business for politics. He is the co-author of “Protecting Our Democracy Act” which helped to generate the commission in the Congress on investigation of Russian cyber-attacks against the USA. He also supported creation the law on sanctions against the Russian Federation, Iran and the North Korea. Every day more and more new proofs of direct or indirect participation of Russia in the international terror acts are appearing. For example, we could recall the New York terrorist from ISIL, the native of Uzbekistan, Sayfullo Saipov. It was found, that before his departure in the USA he had lived in Vologda, Russia. It is one more episode which the American Office of Public Prosecutor will not disregard. If all charges against Russia are proved, there will be not simply new sanctions, but the international isolation. Kremlin is continuing an old practice of tension creation in the world to take away blow from itself, but it hereby only accelerates its death. Thus, things in common between the USA and Russia become less and less. Putin’s maniacal idea about joint struggle against ISIL from Syria to Afghanistan and normalization of relations to the level of 2013 becomes more and more delusive.

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