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President Bill Clinton Once Justified Robert Byrd’s KKK Membership

Let the KKK march. If we truly want to stamp out racists and racism, it will be in our best interest to let the KKK march openly. Stopping their marches by physically attacking or shaming then only keeps them in the shadows which makes it possible for them to infiltrate our government where they can use the power to do a lot of racist damage.

Yes, let them march. That way, we can lure them out in the open. That way, we can lull them into a false sense of security while we quietly pinpoint and take note of who they really are. When they get comfortable marching and rallying openly, it’s easier for us to literally and figuratively unmask them and keep them away from our government and other positions of power and authority.

When we know who they are, we can make sure they never win elections to seats in our government, or get employed in law enforcement, being the good, anti racism community that we are. We could have avoided a Congress filled with shadow racists who are working everyday crafting laws that target and punish black people and other minorities, if we had let them march.

If we had allowed them march openly instead of driven them into the shadows with too much criticism and intimidation, we would have known that people like Bill and Hillary Clinton are card carrying members, and black people might have been saved from the Crime bill, the single most racist law in our country since slavery was law. It took Hillary using KKK terms when she called young black children “Super predators” and talked about “bringing them to heel” for people to begin to figure out her racism, but we could have known that, and stopped her and her husband from making those racist laws, if we allowed them to march openly.

If we had allowed the KKK to march openly, a fierce racist like Ronald Reagan might have been found out in a KKK rally, and not allowed into the White House where he utilized state power to legalize his racism through bills he pushed for and signed into law. Maybe “welfare queens” would still be a term used during KKK rallies, and not something said by a president right before he signed laws that targeted and punished black people. Maybe black lives might not have been criminalized as it has legally been by shadow racists we inadvertently elected to power.

If we had let them march openly, we might have been saved from the racist private prison that legalizes slave labor. We could have been saved the racist drug war that has taken and legally enslaved millions of black Americans. Knowing that Bill and Hillary Clinton were KKK members could have saved black Americans from all the horrors of those laws, and that might have been possible if we had allowed them to march.

Maybe, people like Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling, Gregory Gunn, Terrence Crutcher, Sylville Smith, Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, and others too numerous to mention here would still be alive if instead of driving KKK members into the shadows where they can stay hidden, we allow them to march and expose themselves so we can keep them our of our police departments.

Maybe, the 309 black people who were killed by the police in 2016 and the 178 that have been killed so far in 2017 might have had a chance of survival, if we had allowed the KKK to march openly. If we had known who they are, and not allowed them into our police departments, many of these lives might have been saved.

I vote to let them march. That way we would know who they are and keep them away from positions of power and authority which is where they can really do lots of damage. If they were marching openly, we might be able to keep them away from our media where they help sell the racist laws, instead of stopping them. You see them every night on your television screens, selling you racist sentiments about minorities.

Keeping racists in the shadows and unknown is the reason people with names that sound African American are about ten times less likely to be called in for job interviews. It’s the reason we had bankers who designed the subprime loans that targeted minorities and eventually helped to crash our economy. When they’re able to rally openly, we will know who they are which makes us able to better deal with them.

The racism that has really made an impact on the lives of minorities have virtually all come from seats of power and positions of authority, and none of those is on the street, in a rally. The rallies and marches are all symbolism that do very little to no harm, but which we can use to our advantage if we allow them and use them as a means to unmasking the racists.

Allowing racists to rally openly makes them identifiable to us while also keeping them in a place where they can cause very little, or no harm, to anybody. In fact, the only harm that can come from their rallies will only come when we try to physically stop or disrupt the rallies. If they are allowed to march openly, there would be no need to have people intercepting their march and exposing good Americans to harm and possible death, like what happened in Charlottesville.

People say Nazi Germany was able to thrive because the Nazis were allowed to march without push back, but that’s not correct. Hitler succeeded because he had state power behind him. Without state power,  he could have marched all he wanted and made no impact.

The only way these racists can have any real impact is by acquiring political power, which they can only do if they’re in the shadows and unknown. Allowing them to march openly puts them where we can see them and know who they are. That way we can keep them away from political power and consequence.

Let’s let them rally. It’s better that way.




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