South Jakarta Administration City is now increasingly organized with the collaboration between the government and the community. One of the forms is the realization of the performance of the Team of Workers in Handling Public Facilities and Infrastructure in the DKI Jakarta area to increase with the pattern of performance and effectiveness and of course collaborating with the community at the village level as the front guard of the government

According to the direction of DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan and South Jakarta Adm Mayor Marullah Matali’s order is an increase in quality in the development of the use of information technology

In South Jakarta according to the direction of the governor and the mayor’s command, we continue to develop public services through innovations that are developing at this time in the 4.0 era

One of them is a healthy internet campaign for the elderly and is being drafted for the selection of RT and RW by e-voting. Healthy internet for the elderly is a campaign for the people of the South Jakarta city of Adm so that the elderly use technology for positive things and can use applications to measure health conditions in the body.

One form of collaboration with the government is the participation in greening in the alleys at the village level and the use of narrow land as parks and urban agriculture

SE PPSU 85 2019 and Pergub 125 2019 About PESU or PPSU which increasingly shows professional level at the level of work which shows effectiveness

In order to improve cleanliness in the environment and high mobility, PPSU is also being promoted by Germor. To maintain environmental cleanliness and transport garbage from narrow alleys, 215 motorcars (Germor) are distributed to 65 villages from 10 sub-districts in South Jakarta.

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