Mainstream Media trying to rope Trump into Manafort’s indictment with misleading headlines.

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Paul Manafort, one time Trump presidential campaign chairman, was indicted on money laundering charges Monday October 30, 2017, and the whole of the mainstream media is splashing that story all over their headlines. Of course, the indictment was over acts committed by Manafort long before his brief work as Trump’s campaign manager, but that has not stopped the crooked media outlets from presenting the news in ways that make it sound like his indictment is an indictment of the Trump presidency.

“Paul Manafort, Ex-Chairman of the Trump Campaign and Associate Plead Not Guilty to Money Laundering” ran the New York Times headline.

“Three former Trump Campaign Officials Charged by special counsel.” read the Washington Post headline.

“Manafort, Gates Charged With Conspiracy in Mueller Investigation.” ran the headline.

Of course, the stories following these headlines explained that the charges were from years before Manafort became Trump’s campaign manager, and some of them mentioned that Trump fired Manafort when he found out some of these stories about him which was why Manafort’s reign as his campaign chair was very brief. Yes, the stories contained these details but, as I have discovered, most people, especially the kinds of people these deceitful headlines target, don’t read much beyond the headlines.

This is because they have a position taken already, a position they have been sold by the same mainstream media, incidentally. All they’re looking for are the trigger words that trigger their already taken positions, and these words are what the headlines provide in other to get these people worked up. Of course, the headline writers know exactly what they’re doing. They know they’re lying to the majority who won’t read the body of the story, but that is what they’re getting paid to do.

The media has been selling the Mueller investigation as the one that will prove that the Trump campaign colluded or conspired with Russia to win the presidential election, so when NBC writes a headline that reads that Trump’s one time campaign manager has been charged with conspiracy in that same investigation, it’s not difficult to see what conclusion someone who doesn’t read the part of the story where everything is explained will draw.

The truth of the whole matter is that Manafort and his associate were indicted for money laundering that they did years before Manafort’s brief cameo as Trump’s presidential campaign chairman. A very pertinent part of this story that the mainstream media is not very forthcoming with is the part about the founder of a major Democratic party lobbying group, and brother of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager, John Podesta, resigned from the group he founded. Tony Podesta resigned from his Podesta Group Lobbying firm this morning after news broke about the Manafort indictment.

As it turns out, Podesta’s group is also being investigated by Special Counsel Mueller for hiding their work for a Ukrainian group tied to both one time Trump adviser Paul Manafort and to pro-Russian politicians, new records show. This is a major part of the Mueller investigation story that the mainstream media is not telling as much as they’re telling the Manafort story, and the question is; why?

The shepherds in the mainstream media must know that the truth in this whole story will eventually come out, and their sheep will find out that they have been deceived, but they don’t care. They don’t care because this wouldn’t be the first time they have used misleading headlines to lie and deceive their audience without any repercussions. A lot of that happened during the early days of the Russiagate story where they whipped up a huge frenzy, and got their sheepish audience confident that President Trump would be impeached before his six months in office anniversary.

Of course, that didn’t happen, and the Russiagate story soon fizzled out into waiting for the results of the Mueller investigation. Now, an indictment made based on alleged crimes committed by Mr. Manafort long before Trump even decided to run for president is being mendaciously presented as an indictment of the Trump administration through misleading headlines.

Maybe the mainstream media will get away with this current misinformation, as they usually do, or maybe the people will finally wake up this time and hold them accountable. We will not know the answer to that until this story plays itself out to the very end, and, maybe, doesn’t end the way people have been programmed to expect. Only time will tell.



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