November 17, 2019

The crash of Malaysian MH-17 aircraft in the sky of Donbass has had great impact on world community and great attention has been paid to the investigation of this tragedy.

The investigation, carried by the Joint Investigation Team consisted of Dutch, Australian and Malaysian representatives was professional. Investigators revealed not only the type of Buk missile system which shot down Malaysian Boeing, but even its belonging to 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade based in Kursk (Russia). Likewise, the investigation team found out the persons involved in operation of the BUK. All of them are Russian soldiers.

These facts, material evidences and results of independent expert evaluations have never been disputed by the countries-members of international investigation for several years. Malaysian high-rank officials as well as their Dutch and Australian colleague have directly accused Russia of murdering their citizens.

Therefore, the recent statement of Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, that Russian guilt is not proved despite the fact the BUK had been produced in Russia, caused extremely negative reaction of world community.

Netherlands expressed their deep concern about such statement as it makes null and void all the results of the international investigation, carried out by Dutch, Australian and Malaysian representatives. The report on their work was published in 2017 and it contained hard evidence of Russian guilt.

So why did Malaysian prime minister change his position?

His statement has no logic and even more – it is repeat of Russian propaganda messages. These messages of alleged Ukraine’s guilt in MH-17 crash were unanimously denied by international investigators. Therefore, there is another question: why does Mr.Mohamad want to return to previous and disproved versions of MH-17 crash? Maybe the reason is related to the Russian offer of non-repayable credit to Malaysian authorities in connection with military aircraft equipment deliveries?

For the last years, Malaysia was involved in numerous criminal cases of currency violations and money laundering. It makes Malaysia a natural ally of today’s Russia, as their interests perfectly correspond. Also, it is well known that Russia often buys loyalty of other countries. However, being loyal in this case is infamous!

It is high time to ask Malaysian Prime Minister M.Mohamad:

What is the price of your citizens’ lives?

What price should Russia pay to hide its guilt in the crash of MH-17?

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