January 27, 2021
Mark Henes, "Ghost Train" Live Performance at Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville, TN.

“Ghost Train” is a newly released track from Mark Henes, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter. Multiple layers of twangy guitars lead nicely to the longing vocals, setting this song in motion quickly yet seamlessly. The “Yes, I’m calling,” vocal rise at the 30-second mark signals the start of momentum building, with vocal-less bridge at the one-minute mark leading nicely back into the initial verses. The String injection shortly thereafter is a nice touch, as is the solemn “take you away from me,” section that follows, with guitars, strings, and yearning vocals combining for excellent success. The track’s “ride that ghost train, back on home,” conclusion is equally consuming. I’m enjoying “Ghost Train” and its yearning, atmospheric vibes – Obscure Sound

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