October 20, 2021

In their fight against a living wage of $15 an hour, fast food giant, McDonald’s has come up with a sample budget of how their workers who’re paid $8.25 an hour can make ends meet. The problem with their sample budget, however, is that it based on double the income a worker making $8.25 an hour would have in one month.

Yes, it’s based on the income from two full time jobs. This means that McDonald’s fully understands that what they pay is not nearly enough for their workers to survive on, but are not willing to increase the pay so they make this shamefully deceitful sample budget.

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This is just so ridiculous on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. You’re trying to prove that someone can survive on a pay of $8.25 an hour, which is what the average McDonald’s worker gets paid, yet you add the proceeds from a second full time job to the total amount you based your calculations on. I have no idea whether that makes sense to them, or they just think they would get away with the deceit and nobody would notice.

Maybe, the mindset is that Americans should accept that they need to find a second slave master to slave full time for if they want to survive, but even if that is the case, $8.25 an hour still isn’t enough to survive on as their own calculations clearly show, even if inadvertently.

Whatever the case, that lie sticks out like a sore thumb, among other irregularities in their calculations, for example, the one where you’re supposed to pay $20 for health insurance. I don’t know what states their estimates are based on, but I would love to find that insurance company that would cover me for that amount, as I’m sure most Americans would.

Their estimates also show that you don’t pay heating bills if you’re a McDonald’s employee. So, basically, if you live in any of the states where it gets cold in winter, as a McDonald’s worker, you should have enough sleeping bags and blankets for yourself and your family. You may also freeze to death, if necessary.

“You can have almost anything you want as long as you plan ahead and save for it,” McDonald’s assures their employees. They only omitted to add that you would need to work almost 80 hours a week in two full time jobs to have this “almost anything.”

It’s even more insulting when you realize that a company which pays its CEO about $15.5 million in total remuneration every year is the one trying to tell the people who make the money for it how to survive on slave wages.

The budget which was published by the company on this website no longer exists on the website. Whether it was removed due to backlash from readers is not known.

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