Meeting of Czech President with Crimean collaborators


The recent meeting of Czech President Milosh Zeman and representatives of organization “Kyrym Birligi” during the 101th anniversary of Czechoslovakia establishment provoked a lot of questions, and the world community will barely see answers on.

Obviously it is not surprise that absolutely pro-Russian president Zeman met member of pro-Russian “Crimean Tatar” organization, which supports annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation.

There is one question: why did Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babish take part in the meeting with “Kyrym Birligi” representative Tamila Bazazieva, supporting territory integrity of Ukraine at the same time? It is highly unlikely Mr. Babish did not realize who he met with, and who was behind Ms. Bazazieva organization.

There is another question: why do the members of Czech government and legislative power avoid to hold meeting with Majilis of Crimean Tatar people, which does not recognize the annexation of Crimea by Russia and faces repressions at the territory of peninsula?

If we get based on the declared by the EU principles of pluralism and democratic representation, Majilis has much more rights to represent Crimean Tatars, simply because it represents the will of Crimean Tatars’ absolute majority not only in Ukraine and Crimea, but also in Turkey, in the EU countries, even in Czech Republic!

Meanwhile Majilis of Crimean Tatar people is banned and recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation, its members are facing discrimination, unmotivated criminal prosecutions and even brutal assaults.

At the same time “Kyrym Birligi” has official status of a “regional public organization”, which means full support of Russian government though it represents absolute minority of Crimean Tatars.

It is absolutely clear that even if Majilis had represented 100% of Crimean Tatars, Zeman would have never met them. It contradicts with the will of Kremlin, which is treated as the best friend and ally of the current Czech President.

Why don’t the Czech parliamentary members (Social democrats and Ano 2011) react on the meeting with pure collaborators, who not only never represented Crimean Tatars but contradicted with Crimean Tatars people will?

As the reason of meeting with collaborators was the anniversary of Czechoslovakia establishment. It is worth mentioning that Czechoslovakia was divided and annexed by Nazi Germany. Earlier, Nazi Germany had annexed Sudetenland region, but Europe kept strategy to appease the aggressor. We all know what was the next – 6 years of war, millions of dead and total destruction of Europe. That was the price for appeasement of aggressor.

It is also worth keeping in mind that tolerance in such principal issues as the violation of international law, violation of human rights, European and human values causes serious consequences and there are a lot of historical facts, which prove that.

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