August 10, 2020

On March 9, 2020 the trial on the Boeing MH-17 crash case is going to be opened. MH-17 was downed by the rocket of Russian missile system “Buk” in the air above the Ukrainian region Donbass in July 2014.

The Netherlands Public Prosecution office has put on official charges of downing the civil board against citizens of Russian federation – Igor Girkin, Sergey Dubinskiy, Oleg Pulatov and Leonid Kharchenko. All of them have been put on international wanted list.

The relatives of murdered MH-17 passengers are already coming to Netherlands. Among the victims there were not only Dutch citizens, but also those of Australia and Malaysia. All the relatives are united by the desire to know the truth – who killed their love ones?

During the long investigation and analysis of the events, preceded the tragedy it becomes clear that not only the particular Russian citizens involved in the tragedy, but the Russian Federation is the main accused. It has been confirmed by the circumstances of MH-17 crash and by long-time history of lie, manipulations and pressure on justice, undertaken by Russia. Let’s take a look at the facts supporting this statement.

The Joint Investigation Team of Australian, Dutch and Malaysian representatives which was set up straight after the crash of Malaysian Boeing provided detailed and overall investigation of catastrophe. There were collected evidences that Boeing MH-17 had been shot down by the Russian missile system “Buk” illegally moved from Russia to the territories of Ukraine occupied by pro-Russian militants (investigators have got the video of missile system crossing Ukrainian border and its route there). Investigation obtained the serial number of the missile system and the particular air defense brigade of Russian Armed Forces operated it. Moreover, there are intercepted records of communications of pro-Russian militants of so-called “DPR” recorded on the day of downing of MH-17. These records confirm the complicity of Russian military servants in the pre-meditated crash of civil board MH-17. Though the overwhelming evidence of its participation in MH-17 tragedy, Russia does not only admit guilt in this case but even tries to accuse Ukraine of this crime. The accusations against Ukraine, produced by Russian propagandists are constantly changed and all of them are completely improbable.

To prove its innocence Russia revealed the expertise, done by state-owned company “Almaz-Antey”. Do you believe that state-owned company will ever blame its own country? The answer is clear.

The refuse of accused persons to come to Netherlands to prove their innocence is very significant. The very status of accused persons is even more significant and tells us who is responsible for MH-17 tragedy: Igor Girkin (Strelkov) is the colonel of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and one of the leaders of so-called DPR, Oleg Pulatov is the lieutenant colonel of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate special forces, Sergey Dubinskiy is the Russian military servant and chief of “the Main Intelligence Directorate of DPR”. Igor Girkin has already refused to take part in trial as he denied the jurisdiction of court.

As we can see all the defendants are active Russian military servants. It is absolutely clear they could not come to the territory of Ukraine without order of Russian policymakers. The high-technology anti-aircraft missile system, operated by Russian army was at their disposal. Therefore, Russian government is responsible for the crash MH-17 board.

Though the unprecedented efforts, taken by Russia to avoid responsibility for the murder of 298 passengers, its direct involvement in the catastrophe of civil aircraft, downed by Russian missile system operated by Russian militants in the territory controlled by pro-Russian militants is absolutely clear.

The involvement of Russia in the catastrophe of MH-17 board is confirmed by the recent resolution of PACE, which obliges Russia to cooperate with the investigation team and to provide full support of investigation the catastrophe case, to cooperate in punishment of guilty persons.

The haste of making the amendments to Russian constitution which grant the priority of national law over the international law is another indirect evidence that Russia wants to escape responsibility prior to the Hague tribunal.

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