September 29, 2020

6 years have passed since the Malaysian Boeing MH-17 was crashed in the sky over Donbas region, 298 people (citizens of Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia) died in this catastrophe. For all these years the relatives of victims were searching for the answer, who is in charge of deaths of their loved ones? On March 9, the trial on MH-17 case started to find out the persons guilty in the catastrophe of the MH-17 board in 2014.

Joint Investigation Team, which included investigators from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, Ukraine and Netherlands pursued professional and full investigation, determined the circumstances which preceded the tragedy and confirmed the list of accused persons.

The Dutch prosecution office has already charged 4 citizens of the Russian Federation (Girkin, Dubinskiy, Pulatov, and Kharchenko). All these persons are staying in Russia or within the territories falling under control of pro-Russian militants. But Kremlin flatly refused to extradite these persons and not only repudiates cooperation with investigation team, but even obstructs the justice. For Moscow extradition of suspected persons means almost the recognition of the responsibility for downing the Boeing and admitting its participance in war conflict in Donbas, which is still rejected by Moscow.

It is worth mentioning that investigation and preparations for the trial faced the unprecedented pressure from the Russian officials and propaganda mass medias, nominally independent foreign medias, political and social activists, financed by Kremlin. The purpose of such attacks is to white-wash Russia before the trial starts, and to shift responsibility for killing 298 MH-17 passengers onto Ukraine.

Meanwhile, all fake versions proposed by Russian and Foreign medias receiving financial injections from Kremlin were dismissed by JIT representatives as they do not withstand even superficial scrutiny. For example, it is deliberately absurd theory about Ukrainian strike fighter Sukhoi SU-25 because this jet is not designed to intercept flying targets. It was confirmed by one of its chief designers — Vladimir Babak. The theory of Ukrainian, not Russian anti-aircraft missile “Buk” that shot down the MH-17 is also complete lie and harsh manipulation. Even Russian “experts” could not prove the presence of Ukrainian “Buk” in the warzone, though there are a lot of evidence that Russian “Buk” was within the territory controlled by pro-Russian militants (the nearest military camp of air-defense units was hundred kilometers away from the point MH-17 was downed).

Likewise the examination of warhead components, extracted from the rests of downed Boeing showed that these components are specific to the latest “Buk M1–2”modification, which was introduced to the Russian army in 1997, and never exported to Ukraine. There were a lot of other manipulations but none of them were confirmed. All the facts and evidence, collected by investigation, show the Russia’s involvement into this tragedy.

Well, 6 years after the tragedy the trial started in Netherlands — the relatives of victims still have a hope that Fiat justitia, ruat caelum — Let justice be done. Today Dutch prosecutors imposed charges against Russian military servants, however, everyone realizes that the top officials of the Russian Federation are those actually responsible for this crime.

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