Mueller’s Russians’ Indictment: Another Step In The Establishment’s Ploy to Disenfranchise Citizens.

When the hacks on the mainstream media tell you that Russia forced you not to like Hillary Clinton, and to sit home, or give your vote to the other candidates, what do you read into that? Do you read into it what I do which is that the establishment think they have dumbed down the citizenry enough to move to the next phase of their control of our government and our lives? Do you see that they believe they can now tell us that we don’t have the faculties to be able to choose who we want during an election, and that when we exercise that right to choose, we have been deceived by a foreign power?

When the infamous Ralph Nader ran in the 2000 presidential election, and was widely disparaged by the Democratic party establishment ostensibly for splitting progressive votes with Al Gore which resulted in Bush being elected? Nobody blamed Russia that time, and it was accepted as what happens when a party doesn’t have its house in order, or so we thought. The events this time have shown that they probably didn’t blame it on a foreign power because they didn’t believe we had been sufficiently dumbed down at that point to move their plan to the next level.

Today, the story line has changed in the media to the effect that people who don’t like a candidate their party chose cannot have made that decision to either vote or another party’s candidate, or stay out of the election out of their own free will accord. It is a preposterous assumption to make, and even more preposterous to say openly, but the establishment obviously believe they have brought us to a stage where they can brazenly tell the whole country to our faces that we’re too stupid to know what is good for us. I know they always believed that, but this would be the first time they will say it to us in this manner.

This would either mean that they truly believe that we no longer have the ability for independent thought or opinion, and would not have been able to make such a decision on our own, or it would mean that the establishment no longer want to condone the fact that we can reject who they choose for us, and are planning moves to stop that by excluding other candidates from our presidential elections. They may be planning to make our two party system work more strictly on that basis by throwing further impediments in the way of third party and Independent candidates.

This idea may seem far fetched, at this point, but think about what changed between 2000 and now to make voting for a third party candidate, or sitting out an election something we can’t do without foreign collusion. What changed to make our individual rights to choose who we want to vote for so controversial? Why have our media grown so bold as to tell us to our faces that we’re too stupid to be able to make that choice on our own?

Those are the questions that bother my mind, and the only answer I can muster, the only reason I can proffer, which I think would explain it, is that the establishment is planning to make laws that will make it even more difficult for us citizens to be able to elect who we want. I think this Russia inquest is just a way to try and take away more democratic powers from the people, and make sure that whoever they choose gets installed on the seat.

One way they can achieve this is what I already hinted at in a previous paragraph which is to make laws that will make it even more difficult for third party and independent candidates to survive in our presidential elections. The fact that their indictment of Russia includes paragraphs that blame such independent and third party candidates prove the point I’m making here. I believe that what they did there is lay preemptive groundwork for their planned attack.

Another way they can achieve their aim is to discourage and slow down communication by the people through social media. They have already started doing this by targeting social media’s big two of Facebook and Twitter. All the talk about how Russia bought adverts on both social media organizations that targeted us citizens is the way they have couched their attack. They’re already branding citizen journalism sites, and other sites that have different opinions as Russian agents and bots, and forcing these social media sites to remove them.

These two social media giants were the major reason Americans were able to communicate in real time during the whole presidential election process. This real time communication made sure we all saw the improprieties and attempts to influence our election as they happened, and helped us boycott the propaganda and lies of the mainstream media.

For the first time in our electoral history, citizens could monitor the elections and tell one another how it’s going. People in one end of the country could live broadcast or live tweet a rigging happening on their end across the country in a matter of seconds. What this meant was that such information would already be widely  known before the establishment propaganda arm which we call our mainstream media had a chance to hide it with lies. It also meant that the mainstream media saw their powers to influence reduced to zero.

This was how people saw what happened in the Las Vegas Democratic party convention, for example, where it was clearly rigged for Hillary Clinton, and the state party chair had to illegally end the convention in a hurry with police called in to intimidate people who protested.

People across the country followed the elections and saw the rigging as it played out which pissed them off, and strengthened their resolve not to reward cheating which is the single reason Hillary Clinton lost.

Of course, this also meant that social media took away the one major power the establishment had which was the power to keep the truth from us and manipulate all our thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Without the social media through which we saw the cheating as it happened, the establishment controlled mainstream media would definitely have hidden it from us. They lost the ability to do that, and the election as a result, so they’re doing everything they can to try and get it back.

They will tell any lie, no matter how ridiculous, like saying you and I have no ability for independent thought, or opinion, and that it was Russia who made us not like and vote in the candidate they chose for us, but we know differently. At least, enough of us know the truth and will continue to expose their ploy to make us and our voting rights redundant no matter how deceitfully they present it.

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5 thoughts on “Mueller’s Russians’ Indictment: Another Step In The Establishment’s Ploy to Disenfranchise Citizens.

  1. Im liberal… socially and somewhat fiscally. I Began scanning your artile and noticed you claiming Ralph Nader running for president in 2002…. Do you not have an ability to proofread? Do you think spellcheck is your proofreader? This was a poor choice and invalidates my reading your article…. #smh

  2. ” With websites like Snopes gatekeeping truth by calling the “Clinton body count” a “conspiracy theory” and no msm outlets investigating the still growing list of dead bodies piling up surrounding them, we see why lots of fake news online could help keep the American sheeple totally dumbed down to the truth.

  3. Students have been dumbed down, you say? We have been in a downward spiral academically for the last 50 years? Well, consider this: Clayton Valley High School opened on September 2, 1958. A student attending CVHS that year was required to take 3 years of English, 1 year of science, 1 year of 9th grade mathematics (among other requirements) to graduate. PE had more requirements for graduation than any other subject, namely 4 years. There were no Advanced Placement classes, no honors program, and the graduation rate in California around that time was roughly 65 percent. Fast forward to 2018 graduates of Clayton Valley. They will have taken 4 years of English, 3 years of science, and 3 years of math (among other requirements) just to graduate. There are tons of AP and honors courses and a wide variety of subjects and courses that hadn”t even been invented in 1958. College-bound students will likely take a 4th year of math and a 4th year of science, and the graduation rate is in the high upper 90s. The CV story is typical of high school programs. And you want to tell me today”s students are being dumbed down?

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