Nigerian Presidential Election 2011. Vote for Change.
The future of Nigeria will be decided in this election. After 12 years in power and billions of dollars spent, the PDP has left our country worse. We don’t have to vote for them again. BUHARI/BAKARE two men of integrity and honour wants to lead us. Please vote for them. They are men WE KNOW we can trust. Mean who are leaders, listeners, team-workers, God fearing, achievers. Please vote out the PDP. Vote for Chnage. Buhari/bakare. Congress for Progressive Change.

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One thought on “Nigerian Presidential Election 2011. Vote for Change.

  1. Well thought out and well delivered commentary. I hope the people hear and vote their conscience and not repeat the mistakes of the past where people took money and threw away their votes. More voices like your are needed in Nigeria.

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