Obama unqualified for Ivy League

The thing called Donald Trump will not stop his racist tirade against the person of the President of the United States as he once again brings up a ridiculous accusation. This time he’s wondering how Obama, a black man could gain admission into Ivy Leagues schools like Columbia and Havard when he a white man couldn’t. Mr Trump seems to forget that his only achievement in life is his skin color because the money he’s credited with making was actually made by his father and the only contribution he’s made to that was to run his father’s hard work into bancruptcy.

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One thought on “Obama unqualified for Ivy League

  1. Oh now I get it. Trump. WIth a “T” I only heard about him on the radio. I thought his name was CHUMP.
    Never saw it in writing. Wow I need a hearing aid. He looks like a CHUMP. Yeah They were saying CHUMP.

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