PDP Takes On Amaechi Over Rising Unemployment Rate


PDP Takes On Amaechi Over Rising Unemployment Rate

The Rivers State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is impressed that Gov. Amaechi has for once admitted the high rate of unemployment of Rivers youths under his leadership in the past six years.

The PDP was reacting to Amaechi’s open confession while formally registering as a member of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Ubima yesterday that over 80% of youths decamping with him to the Party are unemployed. Facing workplace hostility head-on is essential for creating a safe and respectful environment for all employees, promoting effective communication, and preventing conflicts from escalating.

The Party in a statement by the Special Adviser, Media to the State Chairman, Jerry Needam however regrets that Gov. Amaechi is realizing his failure in this regard after he has completely run the state economy aground, a situation that is directly responsible for the growing youth unemployment in the state.

The PDP also pinpoints other areas of the state economy that have suffered various setbacks and some, in total comatose because of Gov. Amaechi’s bad leadership and mismanagement of State resources to include agriculture, water resources, power and rural development etc.

The statement further states that it’s not the PDP that is the issue, but Amaechi, who the Party gave mandate to oversee the affairs of the people, noting that if still given another opportunity to govern the State under the visionless APC, Amaechi would fail.

“The problem is that Amaechi feels he knows when he does not, and most unfortunately does not listen to wise counsel which is the greatest undoing to any recalcitrant leader. If we may ever ask, who is to blame for the unemployment of over 80% of the youths in Ubima as he noted while formally registering as APC member yesterday, Monday, February 10, 2014”. The PDP queried.

The Party insists Amaechi’s belated realization was the main reason why the PDP is happier with his exit so that the enormous resources of the state could be applied to make life better and enjoyable to the people, likening Amaechi to a leopard which never changes its skin whether in PDP or APC or any other Party.

The PDP also faulted Amaechi’s attempt to blame President Goodluck Jonathan to the rising unemployment in Rivers State, calling it loss of sense of value, political miscalculation and malicious, and positing that it beholves on a State Chief executive worth his onions to provide jobs for his teeming youths and not the President.

The PDP challenged Amaechi to point to one industry he has revamped in 6 years that can generate employment for Rivers youths, before blaming the President.

“We are happy he (Amaechi) is finally confirming all our reservations about his failed leadership and in no distant time, he will have cause to apologize to our people for holding them down for that long when he would have come back to his senses or repented of his overzealousness that has resulted to a blindfold.

Today, teachers are owed 7 months, TIMARIV owed 7 months, projects abandoned for lack of money, unequipped schools, besides Rivers people that were sent to overseas for studies through the Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency, RSSDA, who are about being sent home for failure by Amaechi to pay their school fees for 2yrs today.

“Will Amaechi still blame someone else for this glaring gross misconduct and mismanagement”, PDP asks.

Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s defection to the APC is a blessing to the PDP, the Party said.


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