October 25, 2021

A publisher, commentator, analyst and columnist Chief Obiaruko Christie Ndukwe has condemned Governor Nyesom Wike’s unnecessary diatribes against Rivers People saying that it is becoming a kind of ritual for the Rivers Governor to pummel perceived political opponents each time he schedules a program to commission projects he was elected to execute with money belonging to Rivers people.


In a statement dispatched to newshounds Chief Christie expressed worry about what she called “trend of bitter” political rivalry and chicanery capable of setting a horrible precedence in the exalted office of the Governor.


“Is it likely that nothing good could have come from his opponents simply because they do not belong to the same side? Or is there a possibility of all those under and with him doing perfectly well, without any errors?” she asked


She noted that “before ever there was an APC or PDP, there was a Rivers State, a people bound by blood, culture, language or traditions. The continuous decimation of his fellow Rivers men and women in public fora, even when such are avoidable has become Wike’s trademark and may erode whatever good legacies he may leave after his 8-year reign.


The statement further reads: “Much as I do not belong to the same political leanings with the Governor, in spite of our closeness in the past, I still was excited while driving through the popular Aba Road, seeing the new overhead bridges or Flyovers, adding to the aesthetic view of the state capital, not minding the heavy traffic on the road.


“It is worrisome for the Governor to degrade those with whom he once walked the political road with, and may even realign with tomorrow.


“While the Federal Government under President Buhari was busy breaking the jinx of the Train-7 of the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas, NLNG, Wike could not hide his disdain for the Fulani man who dared to do what his South South brother, Goodluck Jonathan refused to do; the Governor chose to dance naked at the market square at the Commissioning of his project which can scarcely affect the economy, positively.


“The Train-7 which is expected to inject about $10bn into the economy, while providing over 50,000 jobs for mainly Rivers people. Yet, Wike who relishes in taunting others for non performance in his own understanding, was absent at the event. Recall that Wike was a Minister when Jonathan refused to inaugurate the Bonny Train-7 except the one in his home state, Brass-7 was established.


“His recent jab at Ambassador Oji Ngofa over what he perceived as the latter’s inability to attract projects to the state is not only hypocritical but comical as the Governor with a background in Law ought to distinguish between an Executive and Ambassadorial positions.


“It’s not a campaign year and so the Governor should focus on Governance, as posterity is there to judge everyone!”


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Nwaorgu Faustinus

Nwaorgu Faustinus is a citizen of Nigeria, Mass Communication graduate, freelance writer, columnist, blogger, who contributes articles, commentaries, interviews and news stories to media outfits. He worked as a trainee at NTA Yola, Adamawa State where he covered Seminars, workshops, news conferences as well as political rallies amongst others from 2000-2001. After his internship, he went back to school to complete his education at the first private poly technique - OSISATECH where he obtained HDN Certificate with upper credit in Mass Communication in 2005. He lives in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State one of the oil producing States in Nigeria.