All over the world in most countries, cities, towns you will always find some street dogs and cats, some were born in the street and some were just thrown away by their heartless owners.

This is the case in Puerto Rico where many whether they are locals or not just decided they did not want their pets any longer so let’s take them to a country road far away from society and just leave them there.

some of these poor dogs are pregnant and now are forced to give birth in some old house, factory, or forest.

There are also many rescuers who take photos of these dogs and share them on social media to see if anyone can rescue them and take them to a foster home or their own.

Many also have daily routes to feed these dogs and cats until a forever home can be found.

For example, if you find 4 dogs or 4 cats, don’t just take one, you either take them all or help so someone can.

Are we humans still? how would you feel if you were taken away from your family because you are the only one they like or worst, the only one they did not want to take it?

Pets are smart and I got feelings. if you don’t believe so you never had a pet in your life.

This particular story comes from the northeast of Puerto Rico, Loiza.

Mom Dog gave birth to four, all females. within a month one died.

2 months after someone had shot the mom in the head.

now you got 3 pups wandering around in some deep forest near an empty beach with nothing but salt water, a river nearby too big, deep and wide for them to even get closer.

they now stand close to the road hoping someone will see them, feed them or take them home.

it has been 3 months now and lucky they are been feed by a passerby and the food truck guy nearby.

BUT….Luck, faith, and God was watching.  a couple from the U.S. on their vacation in Puerto Rico was driving by and noticed the pups.

The Journey began with daily visits to feed and care for the pups.

Now we have a problem, whenever you get that attached someone in the right mind can not just walk away and forget about those 3 cute dogs.

So this couple, a local man and another awesome friend of the couple knew they had to act quickly and make a plan.

and so they did.

Rescue Day was here, a Sunny and hot day, cars driving by fast they mission began when one of the pups got in the cage.

One up 2 to go., after almost another hour the second pup got in the cage.

But now we have a problem, the third one sees her sisters being taken away and run deep in the forest.

Hours of walking in the forest, calling for the dog, and nothing.

Second try. placing one of the pups in another cage next to the catch cage and boula. after almost 6 hours in this mission, the third dog appeared from the forest after hearing her sister barking.

the third pup came close and after 3 fail attempts the cage close and everyone was so into this that one of the rescuers ran from across the street to make sure the cage will not open and almost got ran over.

the 3 sisters were now in good hands and on the way to a better life.

YES to a better life as they are now getting ready for the journey of their lives in their new home in the U.S. Mainland.

People, there is no excuse why so many dogs and cats go unwanted by many. please help and adopt. they have a heart too. even if you live in a car yourself don’t let these beautiful creatures go hungry and homeless…there is no excuse.

Many Thanks to, Cinthia, Jerry and of Course Mia…without all of you this was not going to happen the way it did.

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