by David Carretta
For some time Romania was granted the long-awaited status of EU member, achieved by it over a period of decade and a half. However, loud statements of Romanian authorities concerning respect of European democratic standards and values do not prevent Bucharest from realization of its expansionist policy, demonstrating desire of certain nationalist circles to invoke idea of Great Romania aimed at Romanian borders’ restoration in limits of 40th years of past century.

Despite formal repudiation of territorial claims to neighboring states, Bucharest considers as Romanians the people of Moldova and some from Ukrainian territories. Using ethnic factor and warming up separative moods in every possible way, Romanian authorities aspire artificial to increase diaspora simplifying procedure of issue of Romanian passports for Moldavian and Ukrainian people as much as possible.

It’s necessary to notice Romanian passports are in great demand because such document makes possible to arrive EU-countries without formalities, so it’s a way to immigrate and to go into business in Europe. Taking into consideration all benefits it’s obviously that Romanian citizenship enjoys wide popularity among people of Moldova and Ukraine not from big love to Romania, but especially from practical reason.

The Romanian authorities propagandise a dual citizenship actively and purposefully not looking upon as illegality in Ukraine, and similar actions are considered by Kiev as unfriendly. In neighboring to Romania countries there are great number of private firms, which give all interested person a chance to acquire citizenship of Romania on the simplified procedure.

So, one of Internet sites eloquently named “Open window to Europe” (, which was created only for this aim, explains and advertises a simple way of procedure to receive Romanian passport. Information that is presented on first page draws attention by quite unequivocal appeal:
If you have ethnic Romanian roots, i.e. your near relations were Romanians (they were born or lived on Romanian territory) and there is an evidence to it (certificate of birth of your relative), you can receive the passport of Romanian citizen through simplified procedure and it allows you to take advantages of European Union.
And then all privileges of happy owner of Romanian passport follow:
– visa-free moving in countries of Europe;
– right to education in every EU country;
– right for the job in EU countries;
– right to residing and stay in European countries for unlimited term because since 2007 Romania is EU member.

So, here it’s said that if you have no relatives of Romanian nationality, it’s not a hindrance for reception of Romanian citizenship:
If you cannot confirm your Romanian parentage and have no documents confirming yours “Romanian roots” we will provide you service on gathering of all documents to the right of reception of Romanian citizenship with pleasure, our experts will help you in the shortest terms, confidentiality and legality.

On site all steps of citizenship’s reception are accurately detailed. List of necessary documents, services’ cost and contacts are also here.
One of the benefits from Romanian passport described on site is help to employment and not somewhere but in Great Britain – one of the safest countries. Quite concrete social guarantees, which you can claim after reception of EU citizenship, are also in detail:
“After reception of citizenship of Romania our firm helps with registration of the private entrepreneur of Great Britain that grant to you the right to carry out legal activity in all countries of European Union with possibility to obtain allowance of £900 for one registered private entrepreneur and of £300 for each of children. There are also some possibility of receiving of mortgage loan with minimum interest rate of 1.5 – 2.2 per cent with option of refunding and 30 years loan repayment period, and also the list of vacancies in London”.

About menacing situation with legalization of illegal migration also the fact says that Romania has recently issued more than 300 thousand passports to residents of Moldova. If it goes on, it’s necessary to expect that in the near future about 2-3 million residents of Moldova and Ukraine can receive Romanian citizenship and, as consequence, access to labor markets of EU countries.

The further development of this dangerous tendency not only brings about tension and animosity on the borders, but also has serious negative influence on economic situation in EU countries. Such irresponsible policy of Romania has already led today to sharp increase of migration’s stream from countries of Eastern Europe to EU. The situation becomes complicated because influx of cheap labor force with Romanian passports makes competition on labor market. Besides, these people aspire to receive citizenship of host country by all means in order to have the rights for social guarantees. Many of them want to move to Europe not for having possibility to work and study, but only for unemployment benefit reception.

On this background the vain attempts of Romania joining the Schengen area look absolutely like odious then EU borders cannot serve the ultimate deterrent for illegal migration. With borders’ opening and boundary control’ slackening it’s possible to expect growth of criminality, smuggling and slave trade distribution.

So, the migration policy spent by Romania causes destabilization in many EU countries and has already become an essential problem for whole European Community. The OSCE condemns practice of mass granting of citizenship to minority groups by country of origin. The adopted amendments to the law on citizenship of Romania contradict recommendations of OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Knut Vollebeak where interference in home affairs of other countries is treated as unlawful.

Great Britain is in great concern of the Romanian passports issue to residents of Moldova. The UK parliament has exhorted the Romanian government to stop passports issue and want to send this important matter for consideration by European Commission. British mass-media write “Moldova has already become the centre of labor migration without being EU member.”

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has declared Der Spiegel by level of corruption in Romania Schengen visas become accessible so the people received them through the bribery can travel across the EU without further control. In this view Friedrich considers it’s needed to toughen sanctions on fraud and abuse of social benefits and to punish such actions, for example, by deportation from the country and by ban against reentry to European Union.

Against joining of Romania the Schengen agreement the parliament and the government of Finland have protested. The Finnish authorities consider their Bulgarian and Romanian counterparts have taken insufficient measures against corruption in these countries.

State Secretary for Security and Justice and Minister for Migration Fred Teeven has announced the Netherlands want to see at least two positive reports of Commission by turn in order to vote for joining Romania the Schengen.

Other countries call joining of Romania to the Schengen area also in question. As arguments they specify insufficient efforts of Romanian government against corruption and serious problems with supremacy of law, and also inability of Romania to protect the external borders from illegal immigrants and criminals.

Taking into account the situation developed as a result of Romanian aggressive migration policy has assumed threatening character and demands to reach serious decisions, similar activities of Bucharest must be a subject of consideration in High European Institutes. Europe must stop practice of uncontrolled issues of Romanian passports and deprive Romania possibility joining the Schengen for a time.

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