September 28, 2020

August 16, Belarus. The traffic police banned the flow along the highway to give the way to the large column of Russian armoured carriers moving towards Orsha city, which is 202 kilometers far from Minsk.

The eyewitness from the video comments on the matter:“Highway police has already blocked the road. It is road junction Vitebsk-Orsha, some vehicles are going to move here. It is Aug.16, 2020 and I want to tell you guys, here we have Belarus highway policeman and now we can see convoy at the junction. There are armored troop carriers on the way to Minsk, now you can see them. 24 armored troop carriers are on scene.

On August 9, presidential elections in Belarus were held, the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko, who was in rule of the country for 26 years, provoked large protests in Minsk and smaller cities. The protests have been lasting for more than a week, demonstrators believe the results of the elections were rigged. The special police units were involved to suppress the protests, the police used tear gas and stun grenades. The suppression resulted in thousands of citizens being detained, seriously injured, several people died. On Saturday and Sunday Alexander Lukashenko had a phone conversations with Russian president Vladimir Putin who assured that Russia is ready to provide Lukashenko its military support. Amid the violation of human rights, the EU is moving toward sanctioning Alexander Lukashenko and individuals responsible for violence and the falsification of the elections’ results.

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