The whole progressive world should take off hat to Chinese foreign policy. In the context of political and economic destabilization in the world China skins a maximum flint for their super state.
At the BRICS summit, which was held in Brazil on July 14-16, was signed an agreement on the establishment of the BRICS Bank – New Development Bank. Headquarters will be located in Shanghai. The main objective of the established bank is financial support for infrastructure projects in the BRICS states. The authorized capital will be at the level of $50 billion with further increasing up to $100 billion.
Among all the BRICS states, only China will have a veto right, since it has the largest share in the authorized capital.
Russia plans to obtain funds from authorized capital in its economy. In terms of sanctions imposed by the West and the outflow of investments from the Russian Federation, the bank is the only light at the end of the credit tunnel. But China will not grant loans (through the BRICS Bank) for no reason. Given that it has the veto right the money will be issued only under the favorable to PRC conditions.
So what China can ask in return of funds for economic development? First, the cost of energy for China may become a formality. Second, China desires to populate Siberia by its citizens, why not. Third, Russia should abandon its ambitions in Central Asia, thus enabling China to become the only trading partner in the region.
Taking in account that the new Western sanctions that have already been imposed and sanctions that will be imposed in connection with the direct involvement of Russia in the terrorist act in Ukraine (a passenger airliner of Malaysian airlines was hit on July 17 over the territory of Ukraine), Russia will have to make any concessions to China.
Creating the BRICS Bank, China has now full control over the resources of Russia, over its political will and over the greater part of its territory. And Putin will sell himself and take his people into slavery, but not to be in the rank of loser and admit his guilt.
Oh, Russia, the problem solution is so close, but you are zombified by a grandstand that pulls you to the depths of hell.

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