February 2, 2023

Ukrainian internet platform ‘Myrotvorets’ that gathers personal data of persons who threaten the state security announced that several foreign citizens were added to database because of attempts to influence on MH-17 case investigation.

One of them is Russian journalist of the State TV company Russia Today Yana Yerlashova. She worked as RT correspondent, the TV channel accused in EU and the US for disinormation campaigns and influence on public opinion during electoral campaign abroad. In 2017 RT was named as the media source, the Kremlin used to support separatism of Catalonia, Spain. Also, there are plenty of evidences of its work on Russian intel community. In recent years Ms.Yerlashova has been working on RT Documentary division. It produces documentaries reflecting the Russia’s government point of view on developments.

One more person who’s personal data were mentioned is Dutch journalist Max van der Werff. After the MH-17 disaster he spent a lot of time promoting versions that Russia is not behind the downing of the Malaysian plane. He became Yana’s partner in filming documentary “MH-17, Call for Justice”. The piece of propaganda in style of Soviet defense of Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 case, 1983.

Max van der Werff was given full access to the site of plane crash by pro-Russian separatist forces of self-proclaimed Donetsk People Republic (DPR). It is well-known that the work of Western journalists in DPR-controlled zone is restricted and special permission is needed. Such permissions should be requested in DPR ‘state security ministry”, the analogue of Soviet KGB, totally controlled and managed by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). So, his full access to the site of the crime (while even European investigators had problems with it) means his work was important for Moscow. This assumption can be proved by e-mails leaking from the former Donetsk News Agency (Doni) showed how Max offers his help to undermine the official investigation and his allegiance to the Kremlin and its project called DPR. Yana Yerlashova turned out to be responsible for planting parts of the MH17 wreckage in order to show that the official investigation was not done properly.

On Friday 4 th of October an e-mail was sent out by an organization called Global Rights of peaceful people (GRPP) with invitation for a press conference “The MH-17 tragedy – we wait for thorough investigation”. The press conference is about a documentary made by Yana Yerlashova and Max van der Werff.

But why is the GRPP?

The Global Rights of peaceful people organization was registered on the 18th of April 2019. So, it looks like to be bogus organization, e.g. to be registered for special purpose. The public presentation, for example or providing disinformation campaign. Whether this organization has money is also unknown. But GRPP booked the event at Nieuwpoort The Hague that is rather expensive. Amazing, but bogus organization was known in the Netherlands prior to the date of its Foundation! At 15th of May 2015 Dutch blogger Sonja van den Ende writes a reader’s column in the Dutch Metro. The issue was about the Odessa, Ukraine disaster where 48 people died in a fire. She claims fascists burned the building down – traditionally Russia’s narrative. Sonja claimed that she was invited to visit Odessa and paid for it by GRPP. So, four years before official registration. Today Sonja visits Syria and support pro-Russian Assad government. She has an account in Russia’s social media Vkontakte.

Prior to the Dutch referendum on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in 2016, one of Dutch mainstream newspapers Volkskrant wrote about Sergey Markhel who posed as Ukrainian came to the Netherlands. There he attended 23 events related to the Agreement, using business card of The GRPP organization.

Marhel stated that he would go to every event related to the referendum/EU-Ukraine association agreement to tell people about the “Nazi’s Ukraine” and absence of Agreement support among Ukrainians. The Russian propaganda narrative once again!

The GRPP has a German branch. But the main person there is not European citizen. This is Oleg Muzyca – pro-Russian chief propagandist of ‘Odessa massacre’ accusing Ukrainian authorities and carrying on propaganda against democratically elected authorities. He also manages GRPP’s Facebook page in Poland.

There are no doubts that GRPP is Russian organization, working as propaganda cells and recruiters for Kremlin’s operations. The GRPP is imitating European NGO to eliminate any threat to Russia. Today GRPP branches are waiting for command in the UK, Greece, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Ukraine. The main aim of its activity of past four years is JIT investigation results. These years it searched for pro-Russian people in Europe and to destroy any investigation that can prove that Kremlin is behind of murder the MH-17. It happened because Russian authorities need the investigation to be downed as they down the MH-17.

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