The Secretary General of the National Coordinator, Solidarity of the Young Ulama of Jokowi (Samawi) Aminuddin Maruf assessed that the poem read by Neno Warisman in the Munajat 212 program at Monas indirectly assumed that the ulema, habaib and Jokowi supporters were polytheists. Because he considered Neno Warisman mistakenly likened Badar’s war.

“Yes, the poem read by Neno Warisman is a prayer that the Prophet Muhammad offered during the war between Islam and the polytheists,” Aminuddin said in a statement on Saturday (02/23/2019).

Amin assessed the political situation of the 2019 presidential election could not be equated with badar war during the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Because all the contestants’ presidential elections are all Islamic

“Yes, the context of the prophet’s prayer during the Badar war was the war between Muslim forces against the Mushrik army, which was 3 times more. So the context was very different from the Presidential Election,” he said.

Amin assessed that the support group of the Prabowo-Sandi pair always equated the political context of the presidential election to the same as badar war in the era of the Prophet.

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