The hypocrisy is taking over in the West: the aggressor state’s president Putin (which is waging propaganda war against the Western world) has managed to break international isolation. The number of Kremlin’s friends is increasing in the West. The West is tired of confrontation with Putin: each time sanctions are prolonged forcedly, but Moscow has accommodated itself to such situation and does not face any serious problems because of restrictive measures. However, since the annexation of Crimea, the West policy has never been coherent. Now, after the split of the West and after the election of American president who is afraid of Putin, the latter is using the situation for promotion of his own imperial ambitions. The West was not split by itself, but the Russian president-aggressor did it: one part of western establishment condemns him, another part considers him as a strong leader whose public image is under pressure of Europeans. It was greatly contributed by the “successful” football championship in June. Putin has managed to create an illusion of freedom at the European guests. In fact, while fans were celebrating the victory of their teams, many imprisoners were being tortured and raped in Russian prisons. The great example of the “Russian Themis” is Oleg Sentsov, whose fate remains an important item of agenda for the whole world. Putin has used vulnerabilities of Europe, i.e., anti-American tendencies and right populist sentiments caused by refugees’ crisis aggravation. Such mentality makes basis of Russians’ perception of the world. Medias, fully controlled by Kremlin, spread these messages via news and talk shows. The average Russian is often homophobe and racist, and is completely incompetent in the field of foreign policy and democratic values and therefore is completely loyal to the “leader”. Putin’s strategy to deny permanently his participation in military campaigns, including Ukraine, and support of dictatorships around the world has achieved its goals. The discredit of “the world policeman”, the USA, under Trump’s ruling has contributed the same mission. The latter has proved to be unable to confront Putin and is inclining to support him. The fear that once Putin will confirm Russian intervention in presidential elections and its influence over the result – Trump’s victory – is too deep. Such scenario may cause loss of confidence of the US citizens and weaken Trump’s position inside the country. Therefore, Trump is on tenterhooks.
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