January 18, 2020

Born from a modest family, 42 years ago, Abdul Azis or familiarly called Bang Azis, is a young person who has great potential as a leader.

The youth leadership spirit born in Jakarta, November 23, 1975, has been seen since I was in college. He is believed to be the administrator of the Student Senate of Asyafiiyah Islamic University.

Not only that, the winner of the Doctor of Government Science in Padjadjaran University is also active in various religious and youth organizations, including Chairperson of PPIMA DKI Jakarta, Chairperson of DKI Jakarta KNPI Religion Division (2007-2012), General Chair of the Betawi Intellectuals Association (2012- present ), Deputy Secretary of DKI Jakarta MUI (2007-2014), Deputy secretary general of Bamus Betawi (2008-2013), Chairperson of II Pancasila Youth Jakarta DKI (2012-2017), Deputy Chairperson of DKI Jakarta NU PW (2016-2021), and Chairperson ICMI Muda DKI Jakarta Province (2018-2023).

As a Betawi native, Bang Azis who is a teacher, lecturer and motivator is known as Dai Muda Student from KH. Syafii Hazami, KH. Syaifuddin Amsir, KH. Maulana Kamal Yusuf and KH. Mahfudz Asirun.

With sufficient intellectual and religious knowledge, Azis was trusted by the citizens of Jakarta as members of the DPD-RI, the 2014-2019 period.

He was determined to continue his mandate for the next five years.

Abdul Azis also continues to encourage students as the young generation and successors of the nation must have high ideals. All of these things can happen starting from a big dream followed by careful preparation.

The students are proud of their region but while maintaining a commitment to the nation’s unity and unity.

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