February 24, 2024
Despite recent scandal with its turbines deployed in violently Russia annexed Crimea, German company Siemens AG plans to develop cooperation with the country, which goes on killing civilians on other countries territories. The range of Siemens AG business interests in Russia is quite wide: in addition to turbines, the company produces electric freight locomotives Sinara and Granit, electric trains Desiro, supplies Germany-manufactured trains Sapsan to monopolist Russian Railways. Along with that, despite official declarations of CEO Joe Kaeser on toughening of company’s activity control, it became known that Siemens AG has intentions to take part in modernization of Crimean railroad infrastructure by providing operation of Desiro Premium trains, developed and manufactured jointly with Ural Locomotives JSC, through the territory of Russia occupied peninsula. In the given context, it is of a great interest to recall that German company signed in 2017 a contract on manufacturing of electric trains Desiro with Russian Federal Passanger Company, which is, as well as Russian Railways, under international sanctions. In other words, participation of Siemens AG in organization of high-speed service between Russia and Crimea makes German company an accomplice in Kremlin criminal schemes, throwing a shadow on Germany as a state, which international positions become more and more vulnerable. Should we expect Siemens authorities to really change company’s policy and turn its efforts back to civilized course? In search of answer we can address to investigation by Suddeutsche Zeitung journalists who found out that to conclude lucrative contracts Siemens AG spends billions of dollars every year to buy “the right” businessmen and politics. And as long as German leadership keeps overlooking Siemens AG backstairs policy, we can assume that a part of this black cash settles down in their pockets.
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