South Jakarta Mayor, Marullah Matali, LC, .MA.g, launched a distinctive Jakarta fruit icon. The fruit is the Cipedak Avocado which is a kind of sweet-tasting fruit, No Fiber and No Bitter, this Avocado comes from the Kampung Cipedak area, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

In the social media account @Marullahatali.real, Varitas is a type of native plant in Jakarta, in the age of harvest, the Cipedak Avocado can bear fruit in a period of approximately two years. It is very useful, besides for reforestation, it is also consumed by agricultural businesses

We plant the initial phase of 4,600 avocado cipedak trees, this cipedak avocado tree will become an additional characteristic for South Jakarta. In addition, this avocado tree is expected to be an additional source of nutrition for the community

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