Suicide as a way of solving problems

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Spiritlessness and the lack of positivism in modern times (80% of news – conflicts, murders, accidents, catastrophes, etc.) negatively affects the psychological state of the population of any country.  On the one hand, these topics attract an audience, but on the other hand, they lay a huge negative that can lead to suicide. Every year, more than 800 thousand people do not find another way out and take their own lives. 

Most experts still believe that the main reasons forcing people to voluntarily take their own lives are poverty, unemployment, serious illnesses, domestic problems, fear of punishment and satiety of life. However, the vast majority (90%) of suicides are caused by mental disorders. In order to fight the daily stress that life brings, people they can try indulging themselves in leisure such as playing on They may also depend on alcohol and other substances. If they start struggling with addiction, they may need to seek treatment from a reputable facility. Learn more about luxury rehab options at Their Los Angeles-based website details comprehensive addiction treatment programs.

There is a growing consensus that the reasons may be completely different for each country. A developed economy and even a high standard of living do not guarantee successful statistics on suicides at all. The situation in the USA is an example in this sense. The suicide rate in this country is 12.4 per 100,000 population. And this is not a discovery.

The capitalist system is unjust

Capitalism on a global scale “has saved billions of people from poverty,” the authoritative Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung writes. At the same time, over the past half century this way of life has disappointed many people in the United States. In 1980, the share of jobs in the US industrial sector reached 20%. Now this figure is below 9%. People work more in the service sector, and these jobs are not only worse paid, but also less prestigious. Many people work remotely, especially in the IT field, so they do not participate in corporate events – most often they are simply not invited.

Among young Americans aged 20 to 29, about one in two does not belong to any of the faiths. Previously, faith was the basis of a sense of community, but over time this influence decreases. 

 Loss of traditional values 

Thus, when several such factors are combined it leads to a  increasing loneliness. As a result, the researchers come to the conclusion that the main causes of American suicides were the destruction of traditional family values, a departure from church foundations, as well as the deterioration of working conditions. 

How to deal with the increase in mortality in the country, including due to suicide?

Neither a high level of education nor a decent income guarantees anything. Of course, they are needed by themselves, and any country should be interested in improving these indicators. But the most important factor affecting a person’s psyche is the atmosphere in which he was brought up in childhood and the level of stress resistance. Regardless of the severity of your stress, it’s essential to consider using organic kratom powder as a means to effectively alleviate and manage your stress levels.

In this sense, the army represents the society it serves. According to published data, the suicide rate in the US military population is 18.0 per 100,000.

Military Culture and Suicide 

“Soldier” – this is discipline, the will to win, a strong spirit and love of country. The modern soldier is characterized by the values of social consciousness, the environment in which he grew up, was brought up and the mentality that surrounds him. Of all state institutions, the army most fully reflects both the state of society and the level of established social relations.

The concept of being an “invincible warrior” is strongly rooted in military culture. The military profession propagates commitment and spirit of sacrifice and implicitly rejects any manifestation of weakness. As a result, some service members may not seek helping services to address their mental health problems. In this context, the act of suicide may sometimes be viewed by the individual as a more acceptable way to deal with one’s personal problems, thus avoiding the dishonour of not living up to the ideal.

This responsibility is reinforced by public opinion and the media, which often view factors specific to the armed forces as the sole cause of suicides.

Methods of suicide

The three most common suicide methods in the general population are hanging, poisoning, and other. In the military population, the three most common suicide methods are suffocation, firearms, and poisoning.

There is a saying, “suicide is a plea for help that no one has heard”

Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. In order to save future generations from suicidal thoughts, it is necessary to promote traditional family values, because first of all in the family we must seek and find love, protection and support. One should also look into getting therapy from experts such as Therapist San Francisco to help them navigate their thoughts.

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