September 25, 2022

“In 2016, Bloomberg reported that Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff Thomas McLarty III was advising Fridman’s company LetterOne about investing $3 billion in the United States’ healthcare system.”

The Clintons

Bill and Hillary Clinton defined their time since Bill’s term and office with courting wealthy and corporate donors indiscriminately. Corporate donors that traditionally supported Republican and conservative organizations—like Exxon Mobil, Duke Energy, Citi Bank, and other companies from around the world—poured millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation. Simultaneously, corporations, billionaires, and millionaires who already preferred Democratic candidates increased their investments into the Democratic Party.

This courtship of the world’s most wealthy individuals and corporations extended into Russia’s oligarchy. Forbes lists 77 Russian billionaires, and many of them have a relationship with the Clintons. In 2015, The New York Times reported on the ties between the Clinton Foundation and its board member, Canadian Financier Frank Giustra, as a Russian company pushed for control of United States based uranium resources. In 2008, The New York Times reported that Giustra donated millions of dollars to gain access to the Clintons and used his relationship as leverage in a multi-million-dollar uranium deal in the former Soviet Union Republic of Kazakhstan, which Bill Clinton visited with him.

In June 2010, Bill Clinton visited Moscow to give a keynote speech for $500,000 to Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank owned by Mikhail Prokhorov, who owns the Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center Arena, and several other entertainment venues in Brooklyn. In 2015, The Wall Street Journalreported that Clinton received a personal thank you note for the speech from Vladimir Putin and a press release from Renaissance Capital noted that the conference was attended by several Russian officials and corporate leaders. However, Clinton’s relationship with Russian elites began long before this speech.

In 2003, Bill Clinton presented the Golden Plate Award of the International Academy of Achievement in Washington D.C. to billionaire Mikhail Fridman, the founder and owner of the Russia-based Alfa Bank, the same bank that has been subject to allegations that one of its computer servers was communicating with the Trump campaign, though the allegations have yet to be proven. In 2016, Bloombergreported that Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff Thomas McLarty III was advising Fridman’s company LetterOne about investing $3 billion in the United States’ healthcare system.

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