August 9, 2020

On July 17, 2019 the new documentary of Russian journalist Yana Erlashova and Dutch journalist Max van der Werff  “MH-17: call for justice” was released. The release of another fake product by Kremlin propagandists was dedicated to the anniversary of Malaysian Boeing tragedy, which occurred in the sky of Donbass in 2014.

Authors bet big on neither more nor less than revealing the whole truth of MH-17 crash.

Connections between filmmakers and Russian propaganda machine are going to be described below, now let us say a couple of words about the film itself. Many documentaries about MH-17 have been released for the recent years, but the work of Yerslahova and Van der Werff  left all of them behind.  The aim of the documentary is to let Russia evade responsibility for shooting down Boeing MH-17.

It is a well known fact that Joint Investigation Team of Dutch, Australian and Malaysian experts determined that MH-17 was hit on July 17, 2014 by the   Russian BUK anti-aircraft missile, operated by Russian military servants of  53th Anti-Aircraft Brigade near Snezhnoe village in Donbass (controlled by the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic by that time).

Still the role of Malaysian representatives seems to be quite ambiguous in the film. Yana Erlashova interviews Malaysian prime-minister Mahathir Mohamad, who claims “they don’t know who shot it [MH-17], but Russia was already decided to be guilty. We cannot accept it.”

Let’s admit: it is highly unlikely that independent, freelance journalist, as Yerslashova describes herself, could arrange exclusive interview with prime minister of the state at the other end of the world.

However, the interview is a fact and Malaysian prime minister ruefully states that Malaysia could not take part in the investigation of MH-17 crash for 6 months, which is “unfair and unusual”.

Well, further storyline of the documentary makes it clear that Malaysia took part in the investigation of Boeing crash from the first days of tragedy. But how? That shall be the subject of particular attention.

The interview of high-rank Malaysian military servant Col.Mohamad Sakri, which is the part of documentary shed a light on Col.Sakri’s visit of the MH-17 crash scene to collect its flight data recorders.

In the beginning of the interview Col.Sakri complained of Ukraine’s failure to  render him assistance and then told with a smile, “I resorted to a small ploy to  secretly move to Donetsk”.

This means, Col.Sakri admitted he had visited Donetsk with no official permission from Ukrainian government, which is violation of international rules and conventions. He initiated direct negotiations with militants to receive flight data recorders from MH-17. By that time Donetsk city was under control of illegal armed troops. Therefore, Mr. Sakri as official representative of Malaysia breached the law and sovereignty of Ukraine.

This meeting took place on July 22, 2014. How could Malaysian prime-minister Mohamad tell the world that Malaysia had not taken part in the investigation of MH-17 crash after it?

However, everything we watch further in the film is even more weird. Mr.Sakri showed the text of agreement between Malaysia and DPR (!) on the matter of transfer of flight data recorders.

The document above is nothing but gross violation of international law which may cause international scandal at least. Being Malaysian official, Col.Sakri was absolutely aware of the fact that Donetsk city is the territory of Ukraine and signing any agreements with terrorists has no legal power, even more – it is an infringement of territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The next scenes of the documentary are sentimental memories of MH-17 passengers’ friends, some obscure fragments from interviews with Malaysian IT (?) employees, who express doubts about the genuineness of intercepted communications between DPR militants which reveals they shot down civil board.

That is the desire to reject obvious facts. Though they are proven by Joint Investigation Team with Dutch, Australian and Malaysian experts.

It is worth mentioning that all Dutch citizens, interviewed by Max van der Werff were unanimously sure that Russia is responsible for MH-17 tragedy.

The documentary gives the interview of Sergey Dubinskiy, also known as “Khmuriy”, who was the first to report about civil board shot down during radio communications with militants on July 17, 2014. Social networks “Vkontakte” and “Facebook” tell Sergey Dubinskiy was born on August 9, 1962, he took part in Afghanistan campaign during 1985-1987. During 2002-2004 he served as a  colonel in the Main Directorate of the General Staff of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, reportedly taking part in special operations in Chechnya region. Since 2014 Dubinskiy took part in the war at the East of Ukraine, he was the first chief of  DPR military intelligence. He resigned from this position and returned to Rostov city, Russia in 2015.

It is clear that S.Dubinskiy refused to prove genuineness of records, claiming this   conversation was on July 17 rather then on July 16, 2014. However, there were no reports about any airplanes hit on July 16 within the territory of Ukraine, controlled by militants – neither about military jets, nor about civil boards. Instead, July 17 was the day when all radio transmissions were overloaded with information about Boeing shot down.

If we listen to this interview intently, it becomes clear that it is not a phone interview, it was recorded during personal meeting – the quality of record is too good for the phone call. Sergey Dubinskiy has always refused to give any interviews or comments. It still remains strange, why he made the exception for Yana Yerlashova.

The end of documentary is absolutely bazaar. Max van der Werff interviewed residents of the rural area, where Boeing was shot down and one woman told him she saw two jet fighters flying next to Boeing right before its explosion… The question is, how could you see the number and types of airplanes, flying almost 10 km above the land? Let’s also remember that the Joint Investigation Team established it was shot down by BUK anti-aircraft missile, not by “air-to-air” rockets.

There are a lot of manipulations and pure lie in this documentary to reveal it all here. Strictly speaking, the documentary of Yana Erlashova and Max van der Werff is one large manipulation and outrageous lie. That is why lets bring some light into these personalities.

Let’s start from Erlashova, as far as she is more odious person in this duo. Despite her claims of being an independent journalist, teamed up with Max van der Werff under the brandname “Bonanza media” of Finnish origin, we have revealed the grounds for such impressive Yana’s abilities –  to arrange exclusive interview with Malaysian prime-minister and with DPR militant “Khmuriy” as well.

These grounds are called “Russia Today”, Russian propaganda media company. It has constant and large financial support provided by Russian government as well as direct ties with Russian intelligence services. There is nothing impossible for such big and wealthy media company when it comes to arrangement of exclusive interviews, hiring well-paid “experts” with prepared statements and access to video recording in the areas restricted for independent journalists.

As for Dec. 2018, Yana Erlashova worked for Russia Today, holding high-rank position of project lead.

7 years of work for Russia Today is considerable term for journalist. Probably, the scandalous reputation of Russia Today as Kremlin propaganda maker compel some its employees to make resign statements just to represent themselves as “independent journalist of Bonanza media”?

Yana’s work for Russia Today was proven by Max van der Werff in his web source, which is eloquently named It is indicative that Russia Today is called “state Russian media” by Van der Werff. At least, he did not lie here…

There is a lack of information about Max van der Werff. He lived in Phillipines, in Netherlands, his videos were dedicated mainly to European policy and all of them were straight Pro-Russian. It seems that he was the right person to know European viewers, he knew how to provide the mix of pure lie, manipulations to hide the truth to unsophisticated European and especially Dutch audience.

To sum it up, we have to admit that documentary “MH-17: Call for justice” is by all means invited product which is aimed to free Russia from all accusations, because it would be too assertive to refuse Russia’s responsibility – all Dutch citizens were unanimously sure that Russia is responsible for MH-17 tragedy, according to the latest polls.

It is still unknown what caused such immediate change of Malaysian position, probably, Russian oil dollars are perceived well all around the world.

Despite of the efforts of Kremlin propagandists from Russia Today and so-called “independent journalists from Bonanza media” to deflect blame away from  Russia, the truth of MH-17 tragedy is well-known and the world is aware of it – MH-17 civil board was shot down by Russian BUK anti-aircraft missile operated by Russian military servants at the territory of Ukraine occupied by Russia.

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