The armed conflict at the East of Ukraine has not become less relevant for international community, but all attempts to stop conflict by Minsk negotiations have no result yet. It is worth mentioning that the lack of progress in de-escalation is based on denial of so-called DPR and LPR to follow Minsk agreements and the destructive position of Russian Federation, which is the party of the negotiations. Let us be honest: so-called “Donbas militia” would be unable to resist Armed Forces of Ukraine without the external financing, without the deliveries of weapons and ammunition, without specific intelligence backup, without propaganda support etc. Only Russia could provide that support to the terrorists from Donetsk and Luhansk. Russia does not recognize itself as the party of conflict though Russian citizens take direct part in war actions of so-called DPR and LPR against Ukrainian enforcement bodies. Russia controls the part of Ukrainian state border and provide illegal and uncontrolled deliveries of commodities for illegal units, allow its citizens to enter Ukrainian territory without permission of Ukrainian government. There is large network of organizations, charity funds and associations which raise money and ammunition for illegal units, active on Ukrainian territory. Ukraine has brought a landmark case in The Hague court, accusing Russia in violation of UN convention for the suppression of financing terrorism. This accusation is extremely important as it may be the first case the UN country - member accusation of financing terrorism, of intended failure to prevent supporting terrorism by domestic legal persons and individuals, concealment of that persons etc. Particular researches in the Russian segment of Internet have confirmed the facts Ukraine charges Russia with. Now we are going to show faces of Russian terrorism. Face №1 Gleb Kornilov Russian citizen, the resident of Moscow Due to the Kornilov’s accounts in social networks, he supports monarchy, so-called Novorussia and is greatly interested in movie production. Though, Gleb does not produce movies, he rather prefers to take part in real war actions at the east of Ukraine. Likewise, his admin access to the group called “Fund of support for Novorussia” in social network “VKontakte” proves Kornilov’s involvement in raising money for terrorists. Here you can see Kornilov at the battlefront near Donetsk international airport, alongside with the members of illegal armed unit “Reconnaissance batallion SPARTA”. Pay attention to the Russian chevron on Kornilov’s chest. At the same day, Kornilov visited members of other illegal units near Donetsk airport and delivered them ammunition and other goods. But the contacts with ordinary terrorists are not the peak of Gleb’s activity in Donbas. This picture shows us Kornilov hugging leader of illegal armed unit “Reconnaissance battalion “SPARTA” Arsenii Pavlov, also known as Motorolla. Now we can see the “true novoross” Kornilov with so-called “head of DPR” Mr. Zakharchenko. So it can tell us a lot about how influential Gleb Kornilov is indeed. He is also told to be admin of official web page of “Fund of support for Novorussia”. According to the logs of social pages, Kornilov’s organization is situated in Moscow. There is the list of branch offices of the fund, they all are around the Russian Federation. The number of branch offices is so large that it seems to be the local government offices, not the charity fund. Making the reports of his “travel”, Kornilov mentioned that he had already delivered 1000 tonnes of ammunition and other commodities for so-called DPR and LPR. We have to add that even very well-known and successful charity fund can hardly find the money for regular deliveries and full supply of such large illegal armed unit as “Reconnaissance battalion SPARTA”. For such deliveries, the benefactor must operate the federal budget of Russian Federation. Face №2 Irina Bednova Russian citizen, the resident of Moscow We have to say that Irina Bednova is a widow of leader of illegal armed unit “Batmen” Aleksandr Bednov, killed in Luhansk 2 years ago. After the assassination of her husband, Irina moved to Moscow and created the fund «We do not abandon our people» (Своих не бросаем). The main aim of this fund is raising money for members of illegal armed units, reception of them in Moscow and paying of their expenses while staying in Moscow. The fund’s details are openly published in the Internet, as it shows us the picture below. Irina Bednova has also published a lot of reports of her trips to Luhansk, with the pictures of truck full of different ammunition attached. Irina posts the details for raising money for injured member of illegal armed unit on her Facebook page. It is extremely significant that the widow of murdered leader of pro-russian illegal armed unit has moved to Russia, and admitted citizenship of Russia. Living in Russia she kept up raising money for pro-russian terrorists with no reaction of Russian official bodies. Face №3 Angela Kugueiko Angela Kugueiko is a volunteer, poet and lawyer from Ufa, the republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. The law education did not prevent Angela from illegal cross the frontier of Ukraine, and taking picture in Ukrainian village Shirokino, being armed and staying on the Ukrainian flag. Angela Kugueiko has created “volunteer organization” called “Wolf Brotherhood” (Волчье Братство), its main aim is raising money, ammunition and other commodities for members of illegal armed units of so-called DPR. Angela’s arrival in Kominternovo village of Donetsk region of Ukraine and delivering commodities for members of illegal armed units are confirmed by the other sources of information. Terrorist Maksim Drozdov posted the story of Ufa residents’s arrival and added some photos of their meeting. Pay attention to the great number of notes of thanks, signed by the leaders of many illegal units and addressed to Angela Kugueiko. The notes of thanks and pictures of the goods, bought and prepared for delivery, make us think that legal practice is just her hobby, but her work is just below. It is worth noting that the landmark case Ukraine vs. Russian Federation is based on the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism adopted by the GA of the UN 54/109 of 9 December 1999. Article 18 of this convention includes large list of measures that must be undertaken by the Countries Parties to prevent financing terrorism: detection of suspicious transactions, immediate criminal prosecution of the persons, involved in financing terrorism, providing reports to Interpol about all such cases etc. Which of these measures were undertaken by Russia against the 3 persons, we have mentioned above? Zero. Nothing was done. That is why the term “state-terrorist” is not metaphor anymore.
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