A lot of back and forth has been going on between Democrats and Republicans on who is to blame for the Caravan of over seven thousand people reportedly heading for the United States in a mass emigration attempt.

Democrats have put all the blame on President Trump and what they term “his hard line stance on immigration.” While why they would do that baffles anybody who has been following the illegal immigration debate since President Trump assumed officer, they have done so, nonetheless. They claim that these people are so tired of being told not to come to America illegally that they have formed this caravan in a bid to force their way in. Of course, nobody has made that claim, but I can only imagine that it’s the only thing anyone can say who wants to blame Trump for the caravan.

Anyway, It’s clear that, if blame is to be apportioned for this, then the Democrats are completely to blame for this brazen attempt by these people to force their way into the United States. This is because it’s the Democrats who have been pushing for the abolition of all immigration laws. They have been criticizing every attempt the president has made to secure the country’s borders, to the extent of calling the president a Nazi for saying that those who want to immigrate to this country must do so in a legal manner.

The Democrats went to the extent of calling for the disbandment of  ICE, the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that is charged with enforcing immigration laws, and made it known to everybody listening that United States borders should be open to all and that anybody should be free to come in whenever they wanted. Democrats want to deny this outcome and blame Trump, but words and actions have consequences, and Democrats are the ones who have been telling the whole world that they’re welcome to enter the United States illegally.

Of course, the whole world listens whenever America is speaking, so people heard, and this is the first attempt to help the Democrats dream of making our country an open border country come true. This is an attempt to test the will of the president on illegal immigration, and whatever happens with this is going to set the tone moving forward. However the American government led by Donald Trump deals with this illegal border crashers will determine whether this will become a regular occurrence or a one time thing that doesn’t repeat.

A firm and decisive refusal of entry to these invaders will let others planning such an adventure know that it is not a workable plan, while anything else will only serve as encouragement for them to form their own caravans and assault our borders, after all, we would simply allow them in. Would the Democrats set politics aside and allow the president to do his duties of protecting the integrity of the country’s borders? A duty all previous president, including Democrat presidents did, as this video proves?

The whole point of this is that the blame for this is squarely on the laps of the Democrats, and the large majority of Americans who prefer the borders to be tight, and immigration to the country to be controlled, know this fact. The establishment media owned by the Democrats can keep trying to blame President Trump for it, as they have been doing, but the facts remain that it’s President Trump who has been trying to discourage illegal immigration into the United States, and the Democrats who have been encouraging all and sundry to come in illegally.

They cannot deny culpability for it.

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