February 16, 2019

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Hillary Clinton said that she has no idea that the Democratic National Committee funded the hit job that connived with Russians and an ex British intelligence agent to discredit President Trump during the last presidential election.

The hit job, which has come to be known as the Russian dossier, is the source of the Russiagate propaganda which the American Mainstream media has used to base their sabotage of a duly elected president.

When it failed to swing the election in her favor, Mrs Clinton decided the thing to do was to use it to undermine Mr Trump’s presidency, and instructed the willing propaganda arm of the establishment she represents to go to town with it. And that’s how the Russia rigged our election story was born.

Now, though, the truth about Russia and conniving to influence our election is coming out, as truth has a habit of doing, and it’s pointing straight at Mrs Clinton. Of course, she’s doing what she does best by denying and lying about her involvement.

Speaking during an interview, Mrs Clinton claimed that she never initiated the research, nor knew about the Democratic National Committee (DNC) doing so. In fact, she’s swearing by all she holds dear – I wonder what those are – that she never even knew the dossier came from Russia.

Some people say I’m always dumping on Mrs Clinton, and by this they mean that I’m merciless in pointing out her lies and prevarications, by the way, but she makes it so easy. I can’t help the fact that I hate liars. I can’t stand them, especially the ones in positions where their lies carry more destructive weight.

Hillary Clinton is one such liar whose position lends their lies magnified weight, and is such a pathological liar that she will have no qualms about calmly and bare facedly telling you that the moon rises in the morning and sets at night.

She’s not one to let something as insignificant as her reputation as a noted liar, and her long record of recorded and verified lies get in the way of a new and even more ridiculous one. Footage of her lying abound on the internet, and anyone who has heard her name can tell you about five of her lies of the top of their head, but that will not deter her. It’s almost as if she cannot help herself on lying.

As a little experiment to see how right, or wrong, I am in my summation of her reputation, I want to know how many people reading this believe her when she says she knew nothing about how the DNC paid for the Russian dossier? Be truthful.

This is a woman who has lied about everything; from landing under sniper fire in Bosnia as first lady, to  shamelessly writing in her book that Bernie Sanders copied her policies during their presidential primaries contest, despite being on record saying that universal health care and $15 minimum wage will both never happen.

Those two policy positions of universal health care and a $15 minimum wage were the crux of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and she was on record, on video saying both things would never happen. It didn’t stop her from writing in her book of lies, What Happened, that Bernie stole her policy positions.

In between those lies, I doubt there’s anything under the sun which she has spoken about that she has not told lies about. Go to any search engine an search “Hillary’s lies” and you will find articles and videos of the liar in all her mendacious glory and shame.

This is a woman who has said, and this is on record too, like her other lies, that she has a public position and a private one. Of course, this means that she never says the truth about what she thinks or believes. That statement alone makes it impossible for any reasonable person to believe anything that comes from her mouth. How are you sure she’s saying the truth, and not one of her positions?

Even if you’re a member of her inner caucus who we believe she reserves her private positions for, how are you sure that the position she gives you as her private position is the truth? I don’t think anyone can reasonably trust Mrs. Clinton anymore which is why I don’t believe her when she claims not to know anything about the DNC paying for the Russia dossier.

Given what her reputation is, it would be stupid for anyone to believe that coming from her.



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