The Modern Politics Of Washington: If you chase two rabbits, you will catch both

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In the last century, Washington had significant weight and surpassed its rivals in the economic, industrial and even political spheres. But now the United States is losing its role as the world’s leading economy and is not among the leaders in science and technology.

In order to weaken its political opponents, strengthen its role and regain the status of “Great”, America creates and feeds local conflicts.

The United States has two goals in the Ukrainian conflict – Russia and the European Union.

The struggle against Russia

Armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine initiated a tough sanctions policy against Russia. This allows to gain control over the economy and state institutions. Ideally, in the future this will provide access to its huge resources.

The struggle against EU

Russia is becoming weaker, but so is doing the West. The European Union is trying to save face in the drawn-in arms race. However, under the conditions of shortage of energy resources and global crisis the economy is weakening. This definitely damages the political independence of European countries.

After the beginning of the acute phase of the crisis in Ukraine, the United States increased pressure on the leading European states and achieved impressive success. Europe does not benefit from the imposed gas embargo on Russian energy carriers: the euro is weakening and financial institutions are in an extremely ambiguous position.

As a result, the social system is collapsing – because cheap energy and raw materials have run out. Politics has intervened in the production processes and has slowed down the economy.

The world order, stable until recently, is collapsing. A wave of system failures begins. The energy and national security of Europeans is gradually falling down because of American geopolitical interests.

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