January 20, 2020
Modern world experiences a very difficult period of economic cataclysms, geopolitical and military conflicts, breach of international treaties, and post-war transformations in Europe. In this atmosphere of mistrust, contradictions and political pressure any economic project should be estimated comprehensively and giving due account to all positive and negative sides. Today the Nord Stream 2 project is the most contradictory both in economic and political dimensions. It provides a new weapon which by design, image and likeness may be compared to the well-known group of Trojan viruses. This malicious program cause harm to the target computer systems. It appears to be a useful software at first glance, though it will do damage once installed to your computer. Whether this program would be more or less aggressive depends directly on intention of its author. Well, we may say that the Nord Stream 2 is of the same poisonous for the European safety! It may legitimately penetrate into Europe, and, unfortunately, involves far-reaching harmful geopolitical consequences. Non-exhaustive list of possible malicious effects of this project within the integral system of the European community you may see below. · Construction of the gas pipeline by Russia undermines collective energy supply security of Europe. It will divide Europe making a part of the EU countries dependent on the Russian energy resources to such an extent that Eastern and Southeast Europe will find themselves in power isolation. Implementation of the project will increase the Russian share in German gas market to above 50% enabling Kremlin to strengthen the pressure upon US allies within the European states through traditional tactics of manipulations with gas supply. Even today German support of gas pipeline construction gives Russia confidence in lack of unity within the EU as well as in high bribability and corruptibility of Western states. · The Nord Stream 2 project violates provisions of The European Union’s Third Energy Package governing reduction of monopoly in gas and energy supplies. The competitiveness of EU suppliers of energy carriers has been threatened. At the same time Russia considers the Nord Stream 2 as a tool for counteraction to development of the EU power policy. Besides it, they expect to create strong prerequisites for strengthening contradictions between those states consuming and those transiting natural gas to Europe. · The project is designed to level down position of the Ukrainian gas transmission network in delivery of the Russian natural gas to the West, while its elimination from transportation of the Russian natural gas to EU states will cause serious turbulence in stability of deliveries. In addition, the Nord Stream 2 will definitely give Moscow a free hand which annexed Crimea and occupied a part of Donbass right after construction of the first stage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The threat of further escalation of conflict in the region, or, even worse, of creating the new flash points of military conflicts in Europe will increase! · The Nord Stream 2 will by no means promote diversification of gas supply to the European Union and will not provide access to the new gas sources. · The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline may exert only negative impact on ecosystem of the Baltic Sea. · Construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will unambiguously lead to increase in military presence of Russia on the Baltic Sea. This would be a threat for Europe - the gas pipeline will expand possibilities of Russian espionage actions which they currently deliver in the European states. It is unlikely that the above arguments of harmfulness of the Nord Stream 2 project are unknown to the European establishment and EU officials of the European Union. Probably, they are well-known, and many of them do not approve intention of Germany towards its implementation. In their turn, Russia seek promotion of the Nord Stream 2 project at the EU level frankly intimidating officials with expansion of a large-scale internal crisis in the European Union through levelling the interests of certain EU vanguard states. Nevertheless, the gas pipeline is unprofitable to the German business as well, since it challenges the whole Third Energy Package. However, if Germany opposes its construction, Mr. Putin will be very dissatisfied, which is apparently unfavorable situation for Germany. Well, probably the time came to take courage and apply the anti-virus program?
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