The only thing President Trump did wrong was defeat the establishment.

Yes, the only thing President Donald Trump did wrong, and why he is under the worst kind of attack that any American president has ever been under, is that he defeated the establishment by beating out all their possible selections in the presidential election.

That is a controversial statement, I know, but it should not be controversial at all, because it’s the truth. Now, that statement has absolutely onthing to do with how good or bad a president Mr Trump is. It is, in no way, an attempt at judging his performance on the job, or his qualities as a person. It’s simply a statement of fact.

Presidents have been attacked in the past, but the attacks have usually been on policy matters, and mostly from members of the opposition party. None before Trump has faced the nearly universal and open hostility with palpable sabotage which Mr Trump has faced from the minute he was declared winner of the election.

These treasonable attacks have been disguised as patriotism by the attackers who claim that they’re doing it because of how evil Mr Trump is. Ostensibly, they’re doing everything possible to sabotage a duly elected president in order to save us and our country from the man’s evil ways, but that’s a lie.

While Mr Trump might be evil, he’s definitely no more evil than anyone the establishment would have preferred as president in his stead. Think back to all the candidates he beat on his way to the White House, from the GOP primaries all the way to the general election, and nobody in that group is better than Mr Trump on any issues.

None of them is less racist, less misogynistic or more intelligent, despite what the establishment propaganda arm has been painting Mr Trump to be. Note that I’m not arguing that Mr Trump isn’t any of those things, but that the other people are not better than him on those issues. The establishment and their attack dogs know this fact very well but are still attacking the man. What that means is that the people attacking him are doing so under false pretexts which should make you wonder why.

They’re calling him racist while all their preferred candidates are racists themselves, with most having, in fact, taken part in passing racist laws. Who is better – the person who says racist things or the one who does racist things? But Mr Trump is being held up as the poster racist in this fight to discredit him by any means necessary.

Earlier attempts made in this establishment ” give a dog a bad name in order to hang it” war against President Trump had all failed, the earliest being the nonsense about Russia interfering and electing him president. During that phase of the war, all sorts of ridiculous, outlandish, and ultimately unproven allegations were levelled against the person of Mr Trump and everyone he knows. Russians took on the person of gods and did everything – from writing DNC emails to hacking the DNC computers and releasing the emails.

The Russians even hacked the voters registers across the country, before adding the voting machines for good measure. All these after telling the DNC to rig out popular Democratic party primary candidate who the  establishment didn’t approve of. You name it, the Russians did it all.

When that phase of the attack dragged on for so long without any visible signs of success, the establishment felt that the people might be catching up with their lies, especially after many major actors in the farce began giving interviews where they were forced into saying the truth that there was no evidence of Mr Trump’s involvement with the whole Russian conspiracy theory.

So, they abandoned that and moved on to something else, and the second phase of the “give the dog a bad name” attacks. What they chose to make the topic of the second phase of attacks was an odd one, knowing how the establishment feels about that issue. They tried to do it in a sneaky way, though,and you would have missed it if you weren’t paying close attention.

What they did was to try and paint Mr Trump as a war monger while at the same time pushing and egging him on to war. That’s why you would see editorials and articles in the media making urgent cases about why North Korea should be attacked, while coverage of Mr Trump’s reaction to the same issue is presented as him being rash, unreasonable and war mongering – in the same edition.

In case you didn’t notice this, look for Washington Post’s coverage of the brief North Korea scare that ended abruptly when it dawned on them that Mr Trump wasn’t willing to go on a bomb dropping spree on Pyongyang. The president eventually managed to make it clear that America would only retaliate against North Korea if attacked by that country.

And, So the second phase of the war ended somewhat prematurely as they moved swiftly into the third phase. This time it was the contrived KKK rallies which was kicked off  by the infamous one in Charlottesville. They went back to the old, tried and trusted divide by race tactic, and conjured a race fracas which ended up taking a life and injuring dozens.

The rumors have been emerging since the Charlottesville incident, about how some protesters from both sides were seen emerging from the same buses before the protest. Beyond that, other evidence have also come to light that all seem to point to the Charlottesville protests being a staged event. Evidence like Craigslist ad seeking actors to participate in their events “including rallies, to protests, to corporate PR stunts to celebrity scenes.” The hired individuals would be paid $25 per hour.

That advert appeared on Charlottesville Craigslist days before the KKK rally published by an entity that calls itself crowds on demand. A quick look at their website confirmed that they provide crowds for protests, rallies, flash mobs and other such events, and that their services are available all over the United States.

Anyway, we all know how the KKK rally shenanigans ended, and how the establishment media tried to pin all the blame for it on President Trump. They were almost at the point where they were accusing Mr Trump of being the creator of racism in the United States. That sounds ridiculous because it is, but the establishment don’t mind because they know that most people in their audience are literally sheep who don’t know the difference, and would believe anything.

Today, we’re having a lull or a forced ceasefire in the “give a dog a bad name” war against Trump because the last phase ended abruptly when the president, showing once more how easily he can outsmart them, brought up the one issue that always brings everybody together; war. It has been all nice and peaceful, and Mr Trump has even been called “presidential” once again by the propaganda machine, since he announced that he was going to increase American troop presence in Afghanistan by 4000 soldiers.

That rapprochement is ongoing, but no one knows for how long it’ll go before another plan is hatched for a fourth phase of the war. Enjoy the truce while it lasts but don’t expect it to be long because it won’t. The establishment want President Trump out, and if they cannot find any reason to impeach him, they will do everything withing their powers to weaken him so much that he would be easier for their chosen candidate to beat come 2020.

That is their plan, but will it work? We will have to wait to see.


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