In the past few months, the whole world seems to be going crazy: Russian rallies in Khabarovsk, presidential elections in Belarus, leading to rallies in Belarus. Not recognition by the West of the legally elected president of Belarus. Poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. I decided to talk about this with the famous German human rights activist Dmitrij Adamow.

– Mr. Adamow, all of July this year Khabarovsk was buzzing like a disturbed hive. Thousands of people took to the streets to support the arrested Governor of Furgal. Then you, on social networks, connected the riot in Khabarovsk with the upcoming presidential elections Belarus. What were your assumptions based on?

– From the first day of the rallies in Khabarovsk, the events were brightly covered by Western journalists. From the BBC, for example. There, in the West, they knew that there would be performances, since they themselves cooked. They could hardly have predicted the arrest of Furgal, but he fit in very very colorfully into this situation. The United States is not yet able to undermine the situation in Russia. But

to divert the attention of Russians from the events taking place in neighboring Belarus, yes.

– Clear. So the elections are over. The people of Belarus elected Lukashenko again. Western countries do not recognize the legally elected president of Belarus. What’s going on at all?

– Since the middle of the last century, Washington has been hatching plans to split and destroy the Slavs. As long as the Slavs are united, they cannot be defeated. The West is well aware of this from the lessons of history. In 2014, the Americans managed to easily split the Ukrainians from the united Slavic brotherhood. They succeeded too easily. And they decided that it is also easy with the Belarusian people. But the Belarusians turned out to be smarter, more literate and more united than their neighbors. Plans Washington failed miserably. Millions of dollars are wasted.

– Ukraine has been living for 6 years without NATO bases and other things, which intimidated the Russians.

– The goal of the West is to destroy the Slavs. They would have ripped apart Ukraine long ago. But then the world would see the aggressive nature of the states. Therefore, Ukraine is not yet divided among themselves. Ruined the economy, destroyed industry and agriculture, the West does not need competitors. They gave visa-free travel to bribe the Belarusians with this bait … … but with the Belarusians

came out bummer.

– And the last question. Poisoning by “Novichok” Alexei Navalny. The Kremlin is accused of this. How do you think?

– Complete absurdity. Firstly: there is no escape from the Novichok, as well as from the atomic bomb. Month Navalny recovered. Absurd. Second: poison Navalny on his own territory in Russia? If idiots are sitting in Washington, this does not mean that they are sitting in Moscow. Who benefits from this story? Immediately after Navalny was brought to Germany, began to demand that Germany withdraw from the contract for the construction of “Nord Stream 2”. Here what is the reason for this hysteria. Who is this pipeline interfering with? Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania. But, most of all, it interferes with the US.

– That is, do you think that the special services of the United States are behind Navalny’s poisoning?

– I did not say that. I said that this story is beneficial to Washington. However, I do not exclude the possibility that Alexei Navalny’s coma is the result of his state of health, and the United States just used this state for their own purposes.

Yes, the whole world has gone crazy. In the story with Belarus and Navalny, they began to climb to the fore Kiev, Warsaw and Vilnius. It would be ridiculous to assume that they can do something themselves, without the support of Washington. A dog that barks never bites because it barks from that she is afraid. The West does not recognize the legally elected President of Belarus, clearly showing that Western politicians do not care about the choice of the people. What else can we talk about here?

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