March 23, 2019

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The establishment’s exclusive powers to brainwash the populace via total control of information flow through the mainstream media they own is being usurped by social media, and they don’t like it, one bit. Now they’re working to bring censorship to social media, and control what users can post and see.

This is what I consider to be the major reason why the establishment is upset that Donald Trump won the last presidential election. That election was the first time their propaganda has been successfully countered and beaten. It was a new type of feeling of helplessness that they had as they watched the best efforts of their concerted, all out, propaganda warfare become completely and utterly nullified by ordinary citizens with nothing but the new found powers of information sharing and dissemination via the social media.

It used to be that they could push whatever point of view, or angle to a story that they wanted, with no push backs from anywhere because the people were voiceless. It was easy as just getting whatever story they wanted to their propaganda machine, and hammering on it nonstop until it became the only narrative. Of course, the fact that only five or six corporations own the whole media organizations in the United States makes it easy for such propaganda attacks.

Because the people had no way to counter the stories, there was nothing anybody could do to stop the onslaught of propaganda that was being constantly unleashed even though many of the citizens knew the truth.  People knew the truth, but had no voice, or a way to air their knowledge until the advent of social media. Social media and the platform to share information among ordinary people which it provides ended the monopoly which the traditional media organizations held prior.

Suddenly, stories by these giant traditional  media organizations or mainstream media, could be challenged by anybody who has an opposing view, through any of the social media outlets, and their challenge will be seen by millions of other citizens. Suddenly, the ordinary citizen had a voice, and their knowledge was no longer restricted by their inability to reach fellow citizens.

Those who knew better than others began to share their knowledge, and every story that was being peddled in the mainstream media suddenly began to come under more educated scrutiny by the public which ended up making them less effective as propaganda tools. The people began to see and hear opposing views to the ones being unanimously peddled in the mainstream media, and finally had the tools to begin to question what they were being told.

The last presidential election was the ground zero for the new battle of the media, and the new media for the people won a very decisive victory when the candidate of the establishment lost despite the deluge of propaganda they backed her up with. The propaganda set their candidate’s opponent up as almost the anti christ who was going to bring about the end of the world if he got elected, and attempted to sell their candidate as the only thing that will save the world from total destruction.

Before social media, the outcome of that election would have been fait accompli because the propaganda was really intense and pretty good, as propaganda go. It only failed because there was an equal and opposite reaction to it that nullified its potency. An army of determined citizen journalists made up of experts from all works of life and career experiences, and now armed with a new platform to share the knowledge and information they had with their fellow citizens, put a needle to their bubble.

Stories could be debunked or put in doubt with a well written tweet, or a shared Facebook update. Links to well researched articles written by knowledgeable citizens in little known websites could be shared in this way, and reach millions of people. It was no longer plain sailing for the propaganda that was being broadcast by these giant media organizations. The ordinary people who had been awake, but with no way to make their voices heard, now had the platform to share their reality and wake more of their fellow citizens up, and they made good use of it.

Social media meant that everything that happened during the elections, in all corners of the country would be national public knowledge. There were citizen journalists everywhere, armed with their cellphone’s and reporting in real time. That’s why the rigging malpractice by the Democrats could not be denied, or swept under the carpet. People all around the country saw practical evidence of the rigging happening because they were filmed and disseminated via social media.

Being woke became a thing, and “woke” took on a somewhat new meaning while becoming a very important word in the lexicon of new American language. Citizens took pride in their newly acquired power of knowledge, and would often boast of this by declaring their “woke” status, and woke they are, if for no other reason than that they can now ask questions about stories they hear from the mainstream media.

They can ask questions because they have opposing information at the tip of their fingers, and all they need to do is do a search on any of the search engines and they would have all the information they need.

The establishment have no doubt as to the reason why their candidate lost the last presidential election, and the way they have reacted to that loss makes this clear. The fact that the first thing they did was to attack any information that was in opposition to the propaganda they’re disseminating as being “fake news,” shows that they recognize the source if a heir downfall. The little known websites through which ordinary citizens put out information they have were attacked by the big propaganda machine and branded “fake news” outlets.

From there, the attack story metamorphosed into a Russia meddling story where the machine came up with the cock and bull story that the state of Russia, using paid internet agents, also known as trolls, who put out false information about the establishment candidate in the election, was the reason for the loss. It has gotten to a stage where they’re actually claiming that all the opposing stories that citizens put out and shared to educate one another were all done by these paid Russian trolls.

The owners of the two biggest social media outlets, Twitter and Facebook have been forced to go along with these ridiculous positions and apologize for the so called Russian meddling through their sites. Since then, Facebook and Twitter have come out with ridiculous stories about the number of people that were reached by these Russian trolls through their websites. Facebook has just released a number of groups on the website that it says were set up by Russian trolls to try and meddle with the presidential election.

The groups vary from those in support of the establishment candidate, to those in support of her opponents in both her party’s primaries and the general election. The groups each made a case for the candidate they support and against their candidate’s opponent which you would expect from any political group. Why they are insisting that these groups were set up by “Russian trolls” is beyond me.

But the Russia did it story serves a great purpose for them, but that purpose has absolutely nothing to do with getting rid of President Trump as many people seem to believe. They cannot do that because the Russia story is a complete ruse and has no standing whatsoever, meaning that it cannot cause the impeachment of a sitting president. The purpose of the story is to manufacture a reason to begin to censor the people on the internet and social media, thereby taking back control of news and information.

The truth is that what they are doing is a desperate attempt to try and force the genie back into the bottle, and we know that’s highly impossible from experience. The new power which citizens have managed to retrieve from them will not be handed back easily, so they should realize that, and start planing for a future where citizens retake their government, and run it as it should be run: for, and by the people.




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