February 24, 2024

Ms. Dorofeeva from Moscow contacted me as a human rights defender and journalist. Elena Dorofeeva, a Muscovite, is the mother of eight children. The woman admits that she has been making representations to various authorities for several years: she has written to the Investigative Committee, the President, the Mayor of Moscow, Sobyanin, and T.N. Moskalova (I have copies of the appeals). The woman complains that she received an apartment in the year of the family (in Russia) and is again at risk of losing it in the year of the family 2024. The officials started to put a lot of pressure on this family with young children; they cut them off from their personal bank account so that they could not pay the utility bills. They send messages on WhatsApp, then the house is pasted with papers – notes about the release of the house, where they write that family lives illegally in this house, – complains Muscovite. “We solve the demographic problem, help our homeland to get out of the deepest demographic hole, educate children in a patriotic spirit, and what does the state pay us for it?” writes Ms. Dorofeeva. “Conclusion: the norms of the Constitution of the Russian Federation are not implemented in life, but only prescribed declaratively,” she concluded.”From the highest tribunes we often hear from the President of the Russian Federation that our state is a social state, in whose policy institutions such as motherhood and childhood are a priority, that Russia supports large families, but unfortunately these are just words”.

“Please report as much as possible in the independent Western media about my pain and anguish, out of despair I don’t know how to continue living and raising children in the Russian Federation. Thank you!”

What can we say about this fact? In my opinion, the lawlessness is complete. I would like to remind the administration of Moscow, the Moscow Region, that the “Constitution of the Russian Federation emphasizes the primacy of the family in the state, its special social significance. In the event that these rules are violated, the violators will be held accountable with certain measures”.

I would like to address not only the authorities of the capital, but also the guarantor of the Constitution – the President of the Russian Federation. I realize that the president cannot keep track of all violations, but…. I think it is high time to set a precedent that those who solve such problems, who do not solve them or who solve them with violations of the law and social justice, who interfere with the “special sociality of the state” – the family – bear a heavy responsibility. This is all the more true when children are attacked.

Read more here: https://www.nashi-prava.de/2024/01/29/год-семьи-в-россии-или-год-семьи-без-жилья/

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